Unless you haven't been on Youtube in about a decade, you know there is a dude named Mr. Beast (Jimmy Donaldson) who pulls billions and billions of views and is the king of the platform.  If you took a naturally bright kid, poured in the work ethic of Elon Musk, mixed in the critical problem solving of a NASA Engineer then told him to do nothing but Youtube for 40,000 hours, you'd get Mr. Beast. 

So why should anyone care that he is making a chocolate bar?  Because his Feastables line (and burger chain to boot) is about to flip the food world on its head. 

Let's point out the obvious:

1) Mr. Beast is not the first celebrity to have a food product.

2) Mr. Beast knows nothing about Chocolate. 

So why is this a game changer?

Because this is going to be the first youtube-ified food product.  By that we mean, Mr. Beast will make sure the product is good with data and then make products so interactive that young kids won't be able to ignore it. 

Quality doesn't matter as much as experience anymore.  Here's is the one line that should send chills down Nestle's spine:

"As such, each chocolate bar purchase comes with a code that can be redeemed for instant prizes. Ten winners will be selected to compete in the upcoming “MrBeast’s Chocolate Factory“-themed YouTube video. Overall, the contest offers $1,000,000 in prizes and offers."

Jimmy is going full Willy Wonka and using a reach unknown in human history to shill food products. 

Our thoughts?  It's been a good run Snickers.



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