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Add crunch to a caesar salad, add crackle to fried rice or snap to a sandwich. crispy chicken skin chips are the poultry answer to pork chicharron. These chicken skins give a meaty, umami crunch to any dish. Just crumble them on top of dinner or leave in chunks. 

A Restaurant Secret For Many Years.

Restaurants (especially fancy ones) have been using fried chicken skin for decades as a secret ingredient to add crunch to dishes. Now Flock Chicken Chips has made them available for home cooks to use with ease.

5 Ways to Use:

  1. Crumble on a Salad
  2. Slip Into A Sandwich
  3. Beer Snack
  4. Grind fine and use as a breading (chicken schnitzel with chicken skin breading)
  5. Dip Chicken Chips into guacamole

Chicken Chips Are An Easy Snack:

Of course, Flock is a protein rich snack  (13g protein) to curb cravings on the go but as a secret ingredient in the kitchen to adds texture, they rival pork clouds in their versatility.

With flavors like Hattie B's Hot Chicken and BBQ Chicken Chips you can try a variety of flavor bombs to dust over your soups, stews or pastas too. 


That’s it, that’s the tip. Crispy chicken skin can be made at home or are now easily assessable. Crispy Chicken Skin deserves a place in any home cook’s pantry.  


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