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Food trends and products come and go so Mantry has introduced a monthly newsletter showcasing hot products in the food world.

Fly By Jing Extra Hot Chili Crisp

Fly By Jing dropped their Extra Hot Sichuan Chili Crisp. If we talk about Fly By Jing a lot it’s because we really like and use Fly By Jing a lot. This is a spicier version of their numbing pain and flavor creating OG chili crisp. If you know someone that loves spice give it a go.

Spicewalla Ultimate BBQ Collection

BBQ enthusiasts were treated to one of the best spice makers in the USA making a seasoning bundle for them.


Truff x Hidden Valley Hot sauce

Truff is like the supreme of hot sauce, doing collabs and all the cool kids stuff. They came out with a truffle ranch sauce and it’s good. We also love the Truff Mayo.

Chomps Snack Sticks

Chomps dropped a Pepperoni Seasoned Turkey Sticks. Long has chomps been a go-to for the Keto, Paleo and “Quick Protein Now” crowd these snack sticks are functional and tasty for getting grams of protein on the go.

Man Crates Oktoberfest Gifts

Man Crates seems like a natural enemy of Mantry but we actually think they make a good gift if you are looking for a slightly more goofy non food curated box to gift for guys. When it comes to food, we’ll call our own shot but with boxes like the Personalized Beer Aficionado Crate they are a great option.


Porter Road "Butcher’s Choice Box"

The Butcher’s Choice Box is one of the best-curated meat boxes going. Porter Road sources quality meat and operates as an online butcher that can get you top-choice, dry-aged beef shipped to your door. The Butcher’s Choice Box is perfect to kick off football (aka tailgate) season.


At Mantry, try to teach you how to cook better and part of that is sourcing the best possible ingredients. Believe us plain rice and a good Sichuan Chili crisp is a whole lot different than plain rice. Never underestimate the power of viewing your pantry as your closet for food. With a couple of decent, curated items you’ll be ready for any occasion.


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