Finding a gift for a guy who loves to grill can be difficult (so can offering advice) so Mantry is here to attempt to do both by offering some unique, subtle grilling tips and some awesome resources to shop for grilling lovers.

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America's Best Prosciutto For Grilled Salads

La Quercia has made the best Prosciutto in America consistently since they started many years back in Iowa. Using cured meats and prosciutto in grilling is a loophole because the sexy summer salad formula can really just be grilled x + prosciutto + cheese, here are a couple examples:

Grilled Peaches + Prosciutto + Pecorino

Grilled Zucchini + Prosciutto + Goat Cheese

Grilled Chicken + Prosciutto + Parmesan (For a Cesar)

The reason cured meats work so well with grilled salads and appetizers is the deep, umami saltiness pairs perfectly with simply grilled fruits and vegetables. A good olive oil and a bit of Prosciutto and you don’t need to fuss much about a recipe.

The Best Spice Rubs For Grilling Right Now? 

Spices really are the one of the biggest flavor hacks in cooking. There are not many food items we would take to a desert island before a good spice rub. With a simple dusting, your grilled foods can be taken from Morocco to Haiti to Vietnam, it is incredible how a quality spice rub can elevate a dish. Spice Tribes makes some of the best healthy spice rubs for grilling in the USA.  We recommend any blend or a variety pack will make sure your food is never boring.

Find A Good Smoker

Consider a smoker like Pit Barrel Smoker or The Masterbuilt Electric. If you’ve never used a smoker they are wildly easy and you’ll quickly find yourself experimenting with wood types and temperatures. It is a tinkerers dream but if you just like dinner to be easy just throw some meat, vegetables, seafood, cheese or anything in a smoker, make sure the temp is right and come back in a couple hours. 

The Best Olive Oil For Grilling

Good olive oil is pretty much the only sauce used for grilling in 50+ countries in the world. From Tunisia to Greece to Italy you’re not going to see much added than salt and olive oil.

For lubing something up for the grill, the cheap stuff is great (no need to burn cash when all you are trying to do is get something not to stick) but we recommend finishing with the best olive oil possible. One of the best made in the USA olive oils is brightland which has a variety of olive oil that are best for simple grilling.  In our opinion, it’s the best olive oil for grilled asparagus and vegetables, or grilled flank steak or grilled fish.


Having top shelf bbq sauce, salts and cocktail mixers is not necessarily a secret to better grilling but it makes a huge difference. The “secret” is really that you don’t have to go searching for the best grilling products to make your dinner taste better, you can subscribe to discover new food products monthly.  Sit back, grill and we’ll send you the goods.

Best Places To Buy Meat For Grilling 

If you don’t have a great local butcher or just like convenience, Butcher Box or Snake River Farms have some great cuts that you can subscribe to or buy once.


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