Finding the best open fire cooking equipment can be difficult. From Traeger Grills to cast iron campfire cooking equipment from Lodge Cast Iron there is a tonne of brands that make great products. But here are three outside the box ideas for open fire grilling items to add to your arsenal.

Pre-Seasoned Carbon Steel Griddle

Nothing says "let's party" like a ripping bonfire with a griddle or "plancha" as the Spanish call it covered in seafood. Unleash your inner Francis Mallmann with one of the best griddles money can buy from Made In Cookware. Splatter as much as you want, these things are built for outdoor cooking and direct flame.

20" Walnut BBQ Slotted Fish & Veggie Turner

The oversized BBQ, bulked up version of the fish spatula (the single most underrated kitchen tool). Lamson been making tools since 1837 so they know their way around the kitchen. You can turnover a dozen shrimp or half a black bass with this top-notch turner. It's a functional tool for open-fire grilling that won't be left hung up and unused. 

Pit Boss Cowboy Fire Pit

Might as well make your fire pit a cooking appliance? Once you go cowboy campfire cooking equipment, you can keep warm and watch a steaks grill all in one. This is just perfect functionality for the backyard or summer cabin. Don't waste all that real wood smoke without imparting its flavor into something you can eat. 


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