We do hundreds of 1-on-1 interviews with members, here’s what Mantry nation is saying.

1. Better Products = Better Meals

2. Travel America Through Food

“You can discover the best sweet potato habanero hot sauce from Louisiana or Grass Fed Buffalo Jerky from Colorado all from your couch.”

3. Easy Gift for Him

Shopping for guys is daunting at best, “Mantry makes gifting easy on the gift giver and wonderful for the recipient”.

4. Every 2 Months = Usability

In 2015 we moved from shipments every month to every 2 months because customers wanted “more time to use products and less product build up”.

5. Better Wrapping Better Gift

The first delivery ships in the signature wooden Mantry crate. Handmade in the USA. “No wrapping paper required.”

6. Delivering Surprise

When was the last time you ran to the mailbox in excitement? Between bills and BS flyers people rarely get good things in the mail anymore. Mantry ensures it’s “Christmas every 2 months”.

7. Discovery, Discovery, Discovery

The most consistent word “discovery”, Mantry helps you discover new foods to love.

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