Introducing True Naked Yoga


Do you find yoga to be boring? It’s time to shake things up with Naked Yoga. Yep, it’s a thing! True Naked Yoga is an online fitness platform offering the most beautiful and inspiring naked yoga videos in the world, and let’s just say, you won’t ever be bored in yoga class again. Since its beginnings in ancient India, naked yoga has had a renaissance in recent decades and has compelling benefits you wouldn’t expect.

True Naked Yoga: Real-Life Benefits

While the thought of doing yoga naked might raise eyebrows, the perks of the practice are well-known and widely shared by avid practitioners.

Some of the reported benefits include:

  • Increased confidence and body positivity

  • Greater feeling of self-love and acceptance

  • Decreased stress and anxiety

  • Decreased shame and stigma of the naked body

  • Better sex life

True Naked Yoga Membership Perks

With fresh content added every week, you’ll never get bored of their wide selection of programs. It’s the perfect chance to get out of your tired at-home workout rut.

Membership perks include:

  • New naked yoga videos every Sunday

  • Detailed pose and skill guides for improving your practice

  • Exclusive photo galleries

  • Behind-the-scenes intimate interviews with the instructors

  • Extensive selection of yoga styles and programs for every skill level, plus workouts, meditations, and more.

True Naked Yoga’s goal is to grant easy access to these amazing benefits worldwide. Through glowing testimonials, many of TNY’s members report having a transformative experience, resulting not only in better physical health but better well-being and happiness overall. And the best part? Since the instructors are so nice to look at, members say they’ve never been so motivated to stick to their yoga practice, allowing them to create healthy habits like never before. 

The Best Part?

You’ll never get bored with their wide selection of yoga styles and programs for every skill level, from gentle Hatha to intense Ashtanga, plus workouts, meditations, and more. With videos guided by both female and male instructors, there’s truly something for everyone out there who might be interested in exploring the practice. Whether you practice alone or with a partner, True Naked Yoga is offering a special deal for the Mantry audience.

Use promo code "MANTRY" for 50% Off your first month.


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