Elevate Your Backyard Farming Experience with Coop: A Revolution in Chicken Coops

What is COOP?

Are you ready to take your backyard farming to extraordinary new heights? Coop—the game-changing smart coop designed to transform the way you raise chickens. With its seamless blend of style, technology, and impeccable craftsmanship, Coop offers an unparalleled experience that will revolutionize your backyard and provide your flock with the care and comfort they deserve.

What Makes COOP Different?

Imagine a world where you have complete control over your chicken coop, right at your fingertips. With Coop's user-friendly app, Albert Eggstein, you can effortlessly monitor and manage every aspect of your coop from anywhere, at any time. Check in on your flock with the touch of a button, receive real-time notifications, and ensure their safety and well-being with ease. Albert Eggstein puts the power of coop management in your hands, allowing you to provide the best care for your chickens effortlessly.

Coop's cutting-edge technology doesn't end there. With smart cameras both inside and outside the coop, you can keep a watchful eye on your feathered friends at all times. Experience the joy of live streaming with crisp 1080p resolution, ensuring that you never miss a single moment with your flock. The smart event recording and motion alerts keep you informed and give you peace of mind, knowing that your chickens are safe and secure.

When it comes to protecting your flock, Coop leaves no stone unturned. Its automated, smart coop door opens and closes seamlessly with sunrise and sunset, ensuring the safety of your chickens and eliminating the worry of forgetting to lock up for the night. The dual-compartment, lockable nesting box provides a secure space for your hens to lay their precious eggs, while keeping pesky critters at bay. Coop's attention to detail extends to its ventilation and insulation, ensuring optimal comfort for your flock year-round.

Cleaning the coop has never been easier, thanks to Coop's removable and compostable litter trays. With just 30 seconds of your time, you can maintain a clean and healthy environment for your chickens, without the hassle and mess. Coop's full-size swinging access doors make coop maintenance a breeze, offering easy access for cleaning, feeding, and general care. The attached walk-in run, made with heavy-duty steel weld mesh, provides a secure outdoor space for your flock to enjoy the fresh air while keeping predators out.

Don't settle for ordinary eggs. Choose Coop and elevate your backyard farming experience to extraordinary new heights. Your flock deserves the best, and Coop delivers it in style. Join the revolution today and embark on a journey of unparalleled convenience, innovation, and connection. Coop—the future of backyard chicken farming.

The best part? Coop was able to hook up the Mantry following so you get $100 off if you use the code MANTRY until July 31st (In addition to the $500 early bird pricing COOP is running - so you'll get a total of $600 off!)


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