We’ve thrown a lot of awful dinner parties… learn from our mistakes!


1. Nobody Really Cares


Listen, if there is one inalienable truth in hosting a dinner party, it’s that nobody cares. Seriously, people are just happy to get some free grub and not have to do the dishes. No need to break the bank on beef tenderloin or fuss over your crappy apartment, people won’t care 1% as much as you do. Being invited to a dinner party is endearing so 80% of the impact is in the invitation. Even if you bomb it, nobody will care, understand the theory of burning the roast.

2. Get Lit

Candles are the cheapest mood setter in the game, just buy a pile from the dollar store and scatter them around your pad. Everyone will subconsciously thank you because everyone looks better in candlelight.

3. Serve Dessert

A broken up bar of chocolate, a variety of frozen treats from the corner store, if you don’t want to whip up chocolate mousse, fine, but serve something. Something sweets marks the end of a meal and is just as important as proposing a toast at the start. Read The Hot Fudge Threshold.

4. Be The Point Guard

Take 3 seconds to make micro introductions. It doesn’t have to be formal, “Hey John this is Ashley, she is smarter than you” or “Hey Bill meet Ted, you both live on planet earth”. Introductions take all the pressure off your guests and it gets the party rolling. If anything, it’s a way to dish backhanded compliments to your friends “Sheryl has the coolest job I know, Jessica I think we all wish we lived in Sheryl’s apartment.”

5. Invite Your Neighbour

If you live in an apartment building, the best way to avoid a noise complaint is inviting your neighbour.

6. Cook Something With A Story

Grilled Skirt Steak with Chimichurri Recipe Here

If you don’t know what to serve for the main event, serve something personal. Your Mom’s Goulash, the Larb recipe you learned stoned in Northern Thailand, the bolognese you stole from Uncle Tony, nobody will refute your logic and it makes dinner more interesting.

7. Let’s Not Do Dinner

Sweet Potato Breakfast Tacos Recipe Here

People are busy, sometimes a weekend brunch or breakfast is easier to round up your squad.



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