We’ve thrown a lot of awful dinner parties… learn from our mistakes! 

1. Always Toast

Toasting brings the table together, it kicks off the evening and is the equivalent of pouring gasoline on the fires of conversation. The best toast I’ve ever heard comes from my friend Mike “There’s tall ships and small ships, but the best ships are friendships”, it’s cheezy as hell but watch the table light up after clinking glasses.

2. Consider Champagne

A little bubbly gets people going, it’s fun and nobody ever started talking about how much they hate their boss when a champagne cork was being popped. Screw expensive, even if you do cheap Prosecco with plastic cups, you’ll get the desired effect.

3. Start Cold

Lay out some cured meat and cheeses or smoked salmon on rye or anything that you can plonk out as guests arrive. You want to be greeting people, not frantically finishing dishes in the kitchen.

4. Pre-Bottle Cocktails

Make a punch, or an old fashioned, then lay out some glasses and ice so people can serve themselves. Less hassle, more social lubrication.

Sarsaparilla & Rye Cocktail Recipe Here

5. Nail The Playlist

Choose something with a sustainable flow, like Motown. Remember, the night is long, no need to lead with the latest EDM banger from Belgium. Make sure you hide the music source so people don’t do the “let me play just one song” thing, that’s fun after dinner but you’re the host, take control.

Here’s 4 Spotify Playlist From A Mantry Co-Founder:

  1. Groovy Brunch from Mantry.com
  2. Mantry.com Dinner Party Flow
  3. Too Much Wine & Cheese Dinner Party
  4. Mantry.com “South In Yo Mouth” Dinner Party

6. The 100% Guaranteed Way To Transition From Dessert To Dancing

Play Celebration by Kool and The Gang

Here’s your link…Trust us, it just works, we can’t explain why.

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