Mediocre advice at best, but we tried.


1. Invest in Champagne Flutes

That $3.50 Tropicana and $11 Prosecco might as well be fresh peach puree and Dom Perignon when served in a sleek, crystal glass. Your friends can drink out of mason jars when they come over, but for special occasions, it’s nice to offer mom a nice glass.

2. Hollandaise or Bust

There’s a 22% chance you’ll bomb it but a nice Eggs Benedict has a lot of built in endearment. We love the blender method, waaaaaaay harder to screw up.

Photo: @TastyKitchen

3. Fold in $10 worth of Seafood

Why does every brunch menu have a “Lobster Benedict” or “Crab Hollandaise”? It’s restaurant profitability speak for HUGE impression for minimal cost. Hit your hollandaise with a little lump crab meat, or pre-shucked lobster just before serving. It adds decadence without the complexity and if anyone is worth it, it’s mom. Just ask the fishmonger for “$10 worth” when distributed through the sauce it will be more than enough.

4. Cook Something With A Story

Don’t feel Benedict? Serve something personal. Your Mom’s orange crepes, Grandma’s Biscuits, she will probably tear up and it makes brunch more interesting.

5. Flowers

Just do it. A mason jar and some casual theft from the local park and you’re good.

6. Don’t Forget The (Cheezy) Tunes…

Music makes food taste better. You know what songs Mom likes but don’t overlook throwing on a full live album, Van Morrison is a no brainer (Or just break out her CD player and play whatever was left in it).

In a pinch?

Van Morrison — A Night In San Francisco (Live)

6. Burn The Roast

Mom will appreciate it, regardless. Understand the theory of burning the roast.


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