From the Amish countryside to Sriracha spiced, here are five of the best pretzel makers in the USA. 

Handmade Pretzels // Martin’s Pretzels // Lancaster County, PA

Don’t get it twisted, Martin’s has been doing this a long, long time (since 1935) and as Saveur Magazine says “the standard against which all pretzels should be judged.” Hand-rolled, hand-twisted and hand-baked by Mennonites for eight decades, enjoy them with a little Wilder Mustard or a cold Weizenbier.

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Soft Pretzel Mix // Haldeman Mills // Manheim, PA

Soft Pretzel With Smoked Salt Recipe Here

We’ll start with a disclaimer. Your hand-rolled pretzels won’t look anything like those perfect twists you’re used to. And that’s OK — because they won't taste anything like them either. Either tooth-caking and dry when hard or airy as a pool float (and even less flavorful) when soft, there’s a reason most bars give commercial pretzels away for free. Not these. Made with hearty whole grains from a family mill whose German stock runs centuries deep (they know from pretzels, in other words), these are the real thing, and they require a bit of effort. Mix the dough, wait for it to rise, roll out and twist (as best you can), dip in a mix of water and baking soda for that perfect crust, then bake. So good, no one will care what they look like.

Sriracha Pretzels // On Tap Kitchen // Boulder, CO

Winter’s fires need a constant source of fuel, and so, ’tis the season for snacking. ’Tis also, of course, the season for sniffles, which — we guess — is why holiday snack bowls are often salted or sugared beyond recognition, to pickle away the germs. So skip the communal nut bowl and nibble instead on these, trading salt for spice and simple, filling fat for true flavor. On Tap’s twists are made with rye flour for a snappy bite, dipped in lye for that perfect burnished brown, and dusted in organic chili powder and garlic to warm the soul and clear the sinuses. Keep the bag to yourself. Hey it’s not holding, it’s sanitary.

Extra Dark Pretzels // Uncle Jerry's // Lancaster, PA

Uncle Jerry’s Pretzels are hand-twisted and freshly-made every day in Pennsylvania Dutch Country. Our go-to? The "Extra Dark" brings a big roasted, bold flavor that delivers a thundering crunch. 

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Fatty Sundays // Brooklyn, NY

These Brooklyn sisters named their company in honor of the weekly day of family feasting, based around mom’s deliciously decadent baking. Days that often started early, ended late, and bristled throughout with mom’s special chocolate-dipped pretzels, an anytime indulgence, morning or night. The family recipe book now bursts with many flavors from Birthday Cake to Salted Caramel. 

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