Buying seafood online feels kind of icky right? Why? Think of how many trucks, planes and hands touch the stuff just to get to a supermarket. Buying direct is the way to go either off the docks or if you can't go down to the Atlantic, shipped directly from the docks.

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So Why Cameron’s Seafood?

Maryland does football and crab cakes. Cameron’s are specialists at mail-order Maryland blue crab, crab cakes and other seafood. Their colossal Blue Crabs are perfect for a backyard crab boil, birthday or end-of-summer bash. 

What type of Blue Crab to get? 

Male blue crabs are popular, if you like roe go female blue crabs (think she-crab soup) they also offer soft shell crabs seasonally (think fried soft shell crab sandwiches).

Where Does Cameron’s Seafood Ship?

Anywhere in the USA.

Order Pre-Steamed or Alive?

Pre-Steamed is recommended by Cameron’s because of "dead loss" of up to 15% but if you want a fresh boil you can purchase live.

More Blue Crab Buying Tips From The Maker:

Live vs. Steamed Maryland Crabs

"We strongly recommend ordering your blue crabs steamed prior to shipment instead of getting them live. When you buy live Maryland crabs online, dead loss is expected and we can not refund any money for dead loss. Normal mortality rates can be in excess of 15% or up to the entire order."

Maryland Blue Crab Facts:

  • About 10-12 large crabs feed one adult., A bushel feeds 6-10

  • Old Bay and Butter are the most popular seasoning.

  • Maryland Crab season ranges from April through December

Ideas for Leftover Maryland Blue Crab

After your boil you can use the meat for a salad, to make crab cakes or boil down the crab legs and shells into a gumbo. The shells can make a flavorful bisque or stock so often it helps to just put a stock pot out to collect shells.


You don’t have to be on the shores of Maryland to get Maryland Blue Crab delivered nationwide. Cameron’s is a good solution to the problem of wanting fresh crab or fresh steamed crab delivered. Whether it’s for yourself or a homesick East Coaster, Cameron’s is a great gift option as well!

Honorable Crab Mention:

Luke’s Lobster offer Jonah crab which is a Maine specialty if you want to try a new type of crab. It is perfectly eaten as is or in a fresh crab roll. 


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