Look at this Duck Dynasty.... Duck Fat is like rocket fuel for flavor and energy.  Almost anything tastes better roasted in Duck Fat, from Broccoli and French Fries to Curry Cashews and Venison.  Drizzle it on your tacos or just smear it on toast like a true gamer. 

Rougie // Quebec, Canada

Rendered and filtered pure duck fat from Moulard ducks raised in Canada, which means they wear plaid and sip maple syrup from the bottle. 

Epic // Austin, Texas

Can fat be epic? Yes.  Roast off potatoes, put it in your coffee, shower in the stuff. 

Fatworks // Boulder, CO

"Healthy Fats for Healthy People" is a hell of a good slogan and Fatworks delivers on that promise. 

Duck Fat Potatoes = Heaven

Image result for duck fat potatoes

Photo: NY Times Cooking

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