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Naming the best chocolate chip cookie in America is a highly contentious topic. It is our belief that Levain Bakery produces the most consistent, best chocolate chip cookie we have tasted in New York. We first received some as a gift from a friend in the food world (by the way a cooking gift is a good idea) and we were almost immediately converted. 

What makes Levain Bakery’s chocolate chip cookies so good?

  1. The chocolate to cookie ratio is high. At times feeling like 50% and beyond. There are pockets of oozing chocolate throughout the cookie (especially when gently heated for 1-2 minutes in the oven).
  2. The quality of chocolate. A chocolate chip cookie is only as good as its ingredients (unless we are talking about a good grocery store chocolate chip cookie) and Levain uses excellent chocolate.
  3. They are in high demand which means turnover is high which means the cookies are always fresh. This is important. Like any baked good, a fresh version of a mediocre recipe beats an stale version of a great recipe. So with Levain Bakery’s Cookie you get a great recipe paired with peak freshness resulting in cookie magic.

Does Levain Bakery Deliver Chocolate Chip Cookies?


Where does Levain Bakery ship?

Anywhere in the USA.

Which Levain Cookie should I get?

Levain’s Chocolate Chip Walnut Cookies are great, so are the Rocky Road but for the best Chocolate Chip Cookie in NYC, go straight up Two Chip Chocolate with a glass of cold milk. There is a reason they are probably NYC’s most famous chocolate chip cookie.

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