Everybody sucks at cooking when they start.

A quick reminder that learning to cook is a journey that is fruitful but takes consistency and curiosity. With consistency and curiosity you will become a great cook. That being said, let me humbly suggest the monthly deep dive to keep things interesting and add structure. I think the reason this works is it preys on your own curiosity. See “cooking” is like “reading”, there are genres and topics that will naturally draw in your attention and energize you to keep going. The key is to keep going.

The 5 Steps (follow a couple or follow all):

  1. Pick a cuisine that interests you — Ex. Thai Food
  2. Find a great Cookbook on that cuisine — Ex. Pok Pok
  3. Find a Thai Grocer (brick & mortar) or E-commerce store and order some ingredients.
  4. Eat at a Thai restaurant once a week for lunch, study the dishes and pay attention to what makes them good.
  5. Cook a Thai meal once a week.

In 30 days, you will learn a lot and most importantly, expand your knowledge outside your regular cooking routine. The result is an expanded palate and more spatial knowledge of cooking.

Do this 2–3 times a year with Indian food, Georgian food, Italian American Food, Mexican food, Regional American Food whatever and ALL of your cooking will prosper.

THE POINT is to blaze new culinary trails in your brain. You will begin noticing patterns and eventually start using crossover techniques. It’s also fun and not boring.

PS: If you live somewhere there is zero culinary diversity consider a burger month or wing month, or vegetable month, or a grilled cheese month, you get the point.

What is a cuisine you would like to learn to make?

Now, what is a cuisine you would like to learn to make?

Ps: This is a sample from Open Kitchen Cooking School


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