There's more to pickles than just cucumbers and these talented makers prove it.  From Watermelon rind to fennel to kumquats, here is a roundup of perfect artisan pickles to pick from.

Fenn Shui // Pacific Pickle Works

With a licorice hint backed by rice vinegar, these pickles work on everything from a cheese plate to a chicken burger.

From The Maker:

"Our Fenn Shui is a totally unique pickle experience. We pickle these sliced pieces of fennel in a rice vinegar based brine and accent them delicately with ginger, citrus zest and a touch of Thai chiles. Great paired with prosciutto on a plate of charcuterie, in salads, or as a topping to replace onions for a very gourmet burger."

Spiced Watermelon Pickles // Pickled Pink

Pickled watermelon rind that can be dropped into cocktails or paired with prosciutto on a charcuterie board. 

From The Maker:

"Our Spiced Watermelon Pickles are jarred in our secret blend, with a pinch of spice to keep you coming back for more."

Pickled Green Tomatoes // Kansas City Canning Co.

Upgrade a burger in seconds with these zippy green tomatoes.

From The Maker:

"A favorite around our kitchen, these Green Tomatoes are tangy and infused full of the bright flavors of fennel, bay leaves, and fresh garlic. Visually stunning, these jars make a unique gift for the pickle lover in your life. Toss them on a burger in lieu of pickle chips, batter and deep fry them, add to your Bloody Mary bar, or take them straight out of the jar and directly to the face. Our Pickled Green Tomatoes are the workhorse of our pickles, and dangerously addictive."

Sweet n' Tangy Brussels Sprouts // Frankie's Fine Brine

Crunchy and subtly spiced, the perfect snacking pickle.

From The Maker:

"Subtle on the sweet side, with just a hint of red Tientsin chilli, these mouth-watering beauties pack an irresistible punch – guaranteed to turn heads at your next cook up or a tasty snack straight from the jar."

Cocktail Kumquats // Laura Ann's Jams

Innovation! These Kumquat flavor bombs will turn heads when dropped in a martini or any cocktail. 

From The Maker:

"My first in a series of bar garnish and cheese platter treats! 

An unforgettable olive replacement in a martini or muddle one and add champagne for an instant brunch delight.

Lightly pickled in a delightful clove syrup. It is hard to have just one."

Rotkohl Red Cabbage // Schaller & Weber

Sausage + Bun + Rotkohl Red Cabbage + Mustard is where joy and happiness begin.

From The Maker:

"A colorful complement to our Delicatessen Style Sauerkraut, Rotkohl is made of red cabbage, but the appearance is just the beginning. All-natural Schaller & Weber rotkohl has a sweet, slightly tart flavor. Combine that with the nutritionally dense ingredients and it becomes a powerful side.

This traditional dish is common throughout Germany, where it’s paired with everything from ham to sausages to an exquisite pork sauerbraten. Whatever you serve it with, our Rotkohl will bring great taste, and a great look, to the plate."

Bloody Mary Mix // The Real Dill

Pickle Brine will always wake up a Bloody Mary but The Real Dill delivers an extra special mix ready for your next tailgate or boozy brunch.

From The Maker:

"Cucumber infused water, a byproduct of our pickling process, is the star ingredient in our famed Bloody Mary Mix. Paired with generous amounts of horseradish, dill, garlic, and habaneros, we bottled the essence of your backyard garden, shattering the stigma that freshness can’t come in a jar. Unlike most mixes, ours only contains ten simple, high-quality ingredients bursting with bold, rich flavors. Bright, vivacious, and spirited, we set a new standard for what Bloody Marys can and should be."

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