Introducing Everyday Starter Kit: Better Coffee for a Better Life

The Everyday Dose Starter Kit takes the premium coffee taste you know & love and combines it with functional mushrooms, collagen protein, and nootropics promote clean all-day energy without the jitters or crash. Don't just take it from us, they have a 4.9-star rating from 24,127 reviews!

What's in the Starter Kit?

Receive 30 servings of Mushroom Coffee+, along with a complimentary Rechargeable Frother, Gunmetal Dose Spoon, Ritual Book, Breathwork App by Othership, and monthly gifts. 

Elevate Your Experience

Everyday Dose delivers a myriad of benefits, including boosted energy, focus, and mood, without the jitters or gut pain. It seamlessly integrates into your morning routine, offering a delicious coffee taste loaded with benefits like laser sharp focus, healthier skin & nails, and gut health. The team behind Everyday Dose took inspiration from what they love about coffee, eliminating undesirable elements and introducing supplements to enhance both body and mind.

Why Everyday Dose?

Everyday Dose ensures quality through lab tests covering beta-glucans, no heavy metals, no allergens, no mycotoxins, nor mold. The double-extracted functional mushroom blend includes only 100% fruiting body mushrooms, while the product proudly boasts of having "No B.S." – no starch or myceliated oats, just pure goodness.

Real Talk, Real Customers

Customer testimonials echo the product's excellence. From taste and texture to managing ADHD symptoms and providing sustained energy, it's no wonder Everyday Dose has over 44,000 raving fans in their private Facebook group. They're so confident you'll love the product, they even offer a 45 day money-back guarantee. 

Elevate your mornings with Everyday Dose, where your coffee ritual receives a well-deserved upgrade.


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