Frozen Vodka Tonic Recipe Here

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True Tonic Syrup // Pratt Standard Cocktail Company // Washington, DC

“My Family’s Standard For Food That I Grew Up With Is What This Company Is About — Authenticity, Flavor, And Connection.”

-Tory Pratt, Founder

Spiced Orange Margarita Recipe Here

Thankfully, Tory Pratt has high standards for the quality of her craft cocktail syrups.  Pratt Standard's tonic syrup elevates your home cocktails in seconds and offers up an open-ended itinerary of recipes.  Want to be transported to an Italian cafe? Try the Negronic. Or polish off a G&T as the British Navy would...

Pratt Standard Frozen Vodka Tonic

A Bit Of Travel History:

"The Gin & Tonic was introduced by the army of the British East India Company in India. In India and other tropical regions, malaria was a persistent problem. In the 1700s Scottish doctor George Cleghorn studied how quinine, a traditional cure for malaria,[14] could be used to prevent the disease.[15] The quinine was drunk in tonic water, however the bitter taste was unpleasant.[15] British officers in India in the early 19th century took to adding a mixture of water, sugar, lime and gin to the quinine in order to make the drink more palatable, thus gin and tonic was born" 

4 Quick Pratt Standard Cocktails Recipes:

  1. Frozen Vodka Tonic
  2. Spiced Orange Margarita 
  3. Whiskey & Tonic
  4. Negronic 

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