Coconut Jerky // Foreal Foods // Brooklyn, NY

Every once and awhile we taste a product that shakes our steadfast beliefs to their core. We were firmly in the “Jerky in all it’s meaty goodness is perfect and can never be iterated on” camp until Foreal Foods came along and pulled us out of the man cave and into the future. 100% Plant-Based, Umami laced and packing the serious well, meaty-ness of real jerky this is a way better use for coconuts than all that water stuff. It’s Keto, Paleo, Gluten-Free and most importantly just a rad company that’s helping the planet:
From the Maker:
“We value the people we work with, beyond just a buyer/seller relationship, and seek to mitigate the impact of deeply rooted systemic poverty in the regions in which we manufacture and produce.”
Need more convincing? Hey, it worked for this dude…

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