Olde English Lemonade & Collins Mix // El Guapo // New Orleans, LA

Lemonade that cool refreshing drink… has launched many an entrepreneurial career for 12-year-olds parked curbside the world over. Well, this cup is all grown up with an addition of gin to adulterate it. We have always been huge fans of El Guapo who create some of the best bitters and cocktail syrups in the country out of the cocktail kingdom of NOLA. This is not the Country Time powdered stuff, made with hand juiced lemons with a hint of ginger this syrup will make any mediocre bar hand into a mixologist. 

Or here’s the skinny from El Guapo:

“Instantly recognizable as a traditional English lemonade with a classic Victorian flavor profile. This syrup is full of fresh bright lemony goodness that is lightly accented with a hint of ginger as well as light aromas and flavors of cress, rosemary, and lavender. Made with hand juiced and peeled lemons and fresh local produce. Used most frequently with gin, this syrup makes an excellent French 75, Tom Collins or Arnold Palmer. You may also sub this for sour mix in recipes to instantly elevate any cocktail.”

Tom Collins — aka Spiked Lemonade:
In a Collins glass filled with ice add 1 jigger Gin or Vodka, 3/4 parts El Guapo Lemonade Mix. Top with club soda and El Guapo Love Potion #9 Bitters.

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