Dry Hot Sauce // Benny T’s Vesta // Raleigh, NC

In 7 years of Mantry, we have come across A LOT of hot sauce. From sauces made with Connecticut apples to Texas Habaneros and beyond but out of the blue Benny has created a true original with the first “Dry Hot Sauce”. This is versatile stuff, dust on everything from corn on the cob to oven baked wings for the big game. We love taking a page out of the street food playbook of Latin America by shaking Benny’s T’s Vesta over fresh, ripe mango. The salty, sweet, spicy, juicy combo will transport you to the streets of Mexico faster than any airplane ever could.

Notice the sleek packaging? Scope the Vesta packaging evolution….

“Our branding and packaging have come a long way since the honey pot jars and leaflets we started with in 2007. After years of research, product sourcing, and community feedback we’ve created a unique and unifying look for our original product in a jar that delivers it onto your favorite dishes in a simple shake.” — Benny T

More Ideas On How to Use… Right Here

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