There are new pantry products to try seemingly every moment so here at Mantry we try to narrow down your list so you can just try the good stuff. From spice rubs to olive oil to snacks here are eight pantry essentials to keep stocked in 2022.
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Pantry Staple: Spice

Tandoori Masala // Diaspora Co. 

Making direct relationships with small farmers Diaspora is a highway to a whole lotta flavor. Their new Tandoori Masala can be rubbed on chicken, mixed into yogurt or sprinkled over roast vegetables to deliver a massive taste in a tenth of a second. The fragrance and freshness of their spices are top-tier and when it comes to creating not-boring meals in 2022, Diaspora Spice Co. is worth having in your corner.

Pantry Staple: Sauce

Yuzu Japanese Barbecue Sauce // Bachan's 

Anything coming off the grill that gets hit with Bachan’s new Yuzu Japanese Barbecue Sauce is going to be delicious. Yakitori, grilled corn, tacos or salmon will benefit hugely with a blast of Banchan’s. The secret is the citrusy Yuzu backend which is refreshing and fragrant. It’s also great to squeeze into noodles or stir fry. A pantry product that is indispensable for home cooks that love easy, tasty weeknight dinners.  

Pantry Staple: Pasta

Cascatelli // Sfoglini x Sporkful

Innovation in pasta doesn’t come by often. Those Nonna’s in Italy don’t budge on their pasta shapes or sauces for anyone. So when Sporkful’s Dan Pashman set out to design a new pasta shape the story made waves and the result is this beautiful noodle. It holds sauce well, it’s delicious and it’s just a fun backstory to tell at the table. That’s why this is our favorite box of pasta in 2022. It doesn’t hurt that it is produced by Sfoglini probably the best artisan pasta company in the USA. So looking for a new pasta noodle shape? Get your Cascatelli.

Pantry Staple: Snack

Chicken Chips // Flock Foods x Hattie B's

Chicken skins are high in protein and low in carbs making them a perfectly snackable pantry staple.  Nashville's Hattie B's Hot Chicken lends its secret recipe to Flock's Chicken Chips making this a great pre-workout or post-workout beer snack.

Pantry Staple: Meat

Seemore Sausages

Although not technically kept in the pantry, having some sausages on hand can sub in anytime you need a quick dinner, breakfast or midnight meal. Crumbled into pasta, made into a quick sandwich or slipped into a bun Seemore makes sausages that stand on their own.  You barely need a condiment they are so flavorful. Try the chicken parm!

Pantry Staple: Olive Oil

Brightland Olive Oil

Boasting Cali grown liquid gold and one of the best olive oil blogs on the internet, Brightland has the complete package going on. It's not just a pretty bottle, the stuff is GOOD. With a focus on traceability and quality standards that show, dousing any dish in this EVOO will take it to the next level. 

Pantry Staple: Cookie

Levain Chocolate Chip Cookie

Naming the best chocolate chip cookie in America is a highly contentious topic. It is our belief that Levain Bakery produces the most consistent, best chocolate chip cookie we have tasted in New York. We first received some as a gift from a friend in the food world (by the way a cooking gift is a good idea) and we were almost immediately converted. 

Pantry Staple: Hot Sauce

Heartbeat Hot Sauce

A good everyday hot sauce can be hard to come by. The old stalwarts like Sriracha or Louisiana do the trick but Heartbeat has released a line of functional, flavorful all-purpose hot sauces you can cook with or finish with. Try tossing wings in Heartbeat Sauce or splashing over tacos. It’s a Pantry product that can add quick heat in a heartbeat. 


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