At any given moment, a fridge door can be cluttered by multiple neglected mustard jars teetering on the edge of expiry. Is it the fault of mustard? Or have we spent years reserving the wonderful condiment to the doldrums of tired ham sandwiches and sprucing up an over-boiled hot dog? Will cocktails finally elevate this workhorse ingredient from day-time reruns to prime-time cocktail hour? Here are six cocktails to find out for yourself.

Maille O My!

If mustard threw on a Hawaiian shirt and posted up poolside this is what it would taste like. A hit of rum and mango juice makes this a tropical twist on a mustard cocktail.

From the Mixologist:

"A fresh and original cocktail made with rum, fruit juice, Maille mustard and vinegar."

Deli Calling Cocktail Recipe

You can't really have New York's best pastrami sandwich amongst octogenarian Jewish men in the Bronx if you are not sipping a Cel-Ray Soda, so it makes perfect sense to work it into a mustard cocktail. Brilliant idea. 

From the Mixologist:

“Mustard is a great ingredient to add to the canon of modern cocktails for several reasons, the foremost being, everyone has it already!” says Karsten Osterby, bar director of Freedman’s in Los Angeles. “It works excellently with gin, where the complexity of the juniper berry and supporting botanicals are rerouted to a darker or brighter profile, depending on the type of mustard used.”

Mustard Bloody Mary Recipe

Probably the most natural fit for a mustard cocktail, the Bloody Mary gets a nice twang old Worcestershire sauce could never provide on its own.

"Colonel Mustard In The Library With A Dagger" Cocktail Recipe

 Who hasn't spent an evening ruthlessly convicting your friends of murder over a game of Clue. Now the world's most suspect Colonel gets a drink named after him with this beauty using rather ingenious homemade mustard syrup.

Mustard Infused Gin Cocktail

Mustard seeds steal the show as they are used to infuse gin, which is then used to infuse this cocktail, which is then used to infuse a wonderful evening of imbibing.

From the Mixologist:

Made with fresh cucumber, lime juice, agave syrup and enhanced with caramelized ginger candy and toasted thyme, this is one exciting and unconventional drink, and another bar quality cocktail you can make at home!

1747 Cocktail Recipe

Serve it in the jar, own the star ingredient don't shy away from it. A cocktail for the mustard lover in all of us.

From the Mixologist:

"A surprising cocktail created with mustard..."

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