Dukkah // Villa Jerada // Seattle, WA

What is Dukkah? 

Dukkah, a versatile Egyptian condiment with a name that means to pound, produces a coarsely ground mixture of aromatic herbs, spices and hazelnuts.

Why Dukkah?

For us this was a Breakfast revelation. It’s a conversation piece (and utterly delicious). Having a couple friends over? Hard boil a couple eggs and sprinkle some Dukkah on a plate with a glug of olive oil and dip away. Forget the Ketchup and get transported to the other side of the globe. We also love it in our simple Breakfast Flatbread. 

Dukkah Flatbread Recipe


  • Flatbread
  • Villa Jerada Dukkah
  • Tomatoes
  • Cucumber
  • Hummus 
  • Hardboiled Egg
  • Olive Oil 


  1. Smear the hummus on the flat bread, layer tomatoes, cucumber, feta and egg.  Sprinkle with Dukkah and drizzle with Olive Oil. 

Recipe Link Here: Dukkah Flatbread Recipe

More Ways To Use:

  1. Complementing dips, roasted vegetables, meats, and stews or best simply served in the traditional way with hard boiled eggs olive oil, and bread.

You need Villa Jerada in your life you say? Ok.

Villa Jerada also makes an amazing Ras el Hanout (Moroccan mélange of fragrant spices like cardamom, galangal, mace, saffron, fennel and monk pepper), try it on these Ras el Hanout Clams.

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