Waffle Pecan Chocolate Bar // Ticket Chocolate // Loomis, CA

If we could get one golden ticket to visit a chocolate factory it might just be the good people of Ticket Chocolate in Northern California. Whether it’s Peppermint Hot Chocolate on a Stick or S’mores Kits this sweet shop offers up two tickets to chocolate-y paradise. In their own words:

“Our name. Like a great trip, we want our chocolate to be a part of moments to remember. We want to create chocolate and sweets that send you…

Ticket Chocolate is the result of years of dreaming and many late night conversations (while lingering over steaming mugs of delicious hot chocolate, of course!) …why not come along for the ride?”

This brings us to the Waffle Pecan Artisan Beloved Bar which is the chocolate answer to throwing on a chunky knit sweater and tucking into Sunday waffles without having to clean that damn waffle maker. You may want to hide this one from the family ;)

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