Because candles and salad forks will only get you so far…

1. Chili Oil

Loved at Chinese restaurants the world over, adopt it for your home.

We dig Chile Crunch but you can easily make your own by topping fresh or dried chilis with grape seed oil and leaving it overnight.

2. Put A Good Bottle Of Olive Oil On The Table

Ever go to a neighbourhood Greek Taverna? 99% of the time there’s a bottle of olive oil and 100% of the time there’s a little delight in dousing that tomato in a little extra.

Try Sutter Buttes Olive Oil or for a some smoke action try Holy Smoke Olive Oil

3. Maldon

No other ingredient will make food more delicious faster.

4. Wine Bucket

This does not have to be fancy, we encourage using anything around the house. The objective is keeping bottles of wine and water cold, not having the most rustic bucket.

5. What Not To Have? Phones.

Just have the everyone drop their phones in a bowl when they walk in the door. Incredible things happen in conversation when nobody has a phone to glance at for an hour or two. Anybody who wants to look at their phone does the dishes, simple and effective.

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