Finding the best food gifts for men is mostly about understanding what most men enjoy to cook. In general, men like grilling, breakfast and spicy things. Men also like subscription boxes with grilling products, hot sauces and jerky. We know this after 10 years of data driven research running Mantry. If this sounds alarmingly cavemen-esc, wait until we tell you the most popular food products for men: bbq sauce, jerky and cocktail mixers. That is right. After surveying 10,000 guys we have found almost nothing that isn’t fairly obvious. But there are some surprises in the details, read on to find out more.

So what should I buy as a gift for my husband, dad, brother ect. who loves food? 

1) Breakfast Products:

Let’s start with breakfast. A delicious maple syrup is a great start. It can seem fancy, is not overly expensive and kinda feels like a nice bottle of wine in man form. We like Noble from Mikuni Wild Harvest, it’s one of the best Maple syrups in the US. Noble has the added value of being “Bourbon Barrel Aged” which is basically a power phrase in the world of finding a food gift men want. Next you can consider pairing it with a pancake mix. Anything “Stone Ground” just sounds nicer but we’d also recommend Keto pancake mix or no sugar as these diets are becoming increasingly popular. We like Nora Mills Granary from rural Georgia because small-batch, made in America makes us feel warm and fuzzy inside and they have great food products guys love.

2) Grilling Products:

Finding a grilling gift for a man can be expensive, finding a grilling gift for a guy under $20 is easy and does 90% of the trick. Just send him a pack of excellent BBQ sauce and maybe a spice from one of the many award-winning BBQ restaurants in America. We like Southern Soul BBQ and Sam Jones BBQ. Forget buying a Traeger grill.  For example, if it’s a Father’s Day Gift for a Dad who grills, just go with the sauce route as he’ll just want to cook for the family anyway and probably want to choose the grill.

3) Spicy Products: 

A spicy food gift is our suggestion. It’s kind of like food fun for the whole family. A trio of escalating hot sauces is not only functional but fun to try as the family tastes them to see what they can handle. For any spicy food lover, we always suggest Bravado Spice or Yellowbird or anyone on this list.


That’s it, you didn’t ask and we delivered. Remember men are hard to shop for and the easiest gift for men for Christmas or Valentine’s Day is usually the best. Breakfast. Grilling. Spicy. Or BGS for short.   Add in a delicious jerky or a Bourbon Barrel Aged BBQ or Hot Sauce and you have found the perfect food gift for a guy.

We hope you found this helpful, if you did and you need a food gift, you can also get Mantry because we know what guys like and we can take care of the rest. 

PS: A food subscription gift for men is an easy idea. It doesn’t have to be Mantry, it can be a hot sauce subscription, jerky subscription or cocktail-mixer subscription.  These subscription box gifts are popular with guys because they keep on giving and work for lazy guys who don’t want to look (which is many men).


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