What’s a good healthy gift for office workers? Well, the “office” as we know it has changed and so why haven’t office gifts? Out with cellophane-wrapped gift baskets. We’re a big fan of health conscious gifts especially when it comes to helping people feel better, be more productive and discover new things. Don’t worry, we also love ice cream. But here is a list of fresh office ideas for that healthy coworker of yours.

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Thrive Market

A Thrive market membership unlocks a world of healthy, organic, well-curated brands delivered to your door. We say this because a lot of brands we feature in Mantry are now on the Thrive Market Place. Thrive Market Place is especially helpful for office snacks and “fuel to break the afternoon crash” type products like jerky, meat snacks, ghee and organic honey. The prices are fair, if you search around the web you can probably find lower but the all-in-one place and reliability of Thrive Marketplace make it an easy way to shop organic and a cheaper alternative to most health food stores online. Gifting a membership is easy and can unlock healthy office snacking for any coworker.

Four Stigmatic

Mushroom Coffee is not just for the Tim Ferriss Podcast listening, Silicone Valley tech bro types it is a solid alternative to regular coffee that provides a couple of upgrades depending on the result you want. From zen to productivity Four Stigmatic has you covered. We dig their natural proteins as well as their lion’s mane coffee to keep around the office. Maybe it’s a bit of placebo mixed with effectiveness but if you need to get stuff done and avoid the afternoon crash, try Four Sigmatic’s line of coffee and supplements. You can gift a bundle to that productivity or healthy type in the office. We'd also try Four Sigmatic's new think cold-brew which delivers a brain boost beyond standard coffee.

Jerky Gent

Jerky is one of the best office snacks going as it provides lean protein and energy without excess sugar. So give the gift of energy along with the tasty, satisfying joy that comes with discovering new types of jerky every month. A Jerky Gent subscription will send a jerky gift box to your favorite deserving coworker.


Yes, more mushroom coffee but Chagaccino anyone? Renude will renew your mental alertness so anyone can finish their day strong. Their adaptogen mushroom coffee not only tastes good but is a nice coffee alternative to try.


Non-Alcoholic spirits have come a long way in the last decade. We tasted Ghia at the fancy food show and were blown away but its big botanical vibes and refreshing taste. It truly does taste like an expertly crafted cocktail. So if you want a low-abv or no alcohol happy hour at the office, Ghia does the trick. Hey, nothing says productivity like a clear head in the morning.

Lifeboost Coffee

Nobody wants that murky, gasoline office coffee so hooking up a coworker with the gift of great coffee at work is a blessing. Lifeboost delivers a subscription of coffee that is naturally low-acid, artisan roasted in small batches and is easy on your stomach. Pair this with an aeropress and a decent grinder and they’ll never have bad coffee on the road again.


Mantry is an easy office gift for that top-performing employee or employee of the month or even just an office Christmas gift. It works because people love food gifts and Mantry curates a crowd-pleasing mix of award-winning nut butters, condiments, jerky and sweets.


There is an ocean of grocery delivery and meal kit services but Doofood brings a little discovery and travel in a box. Korean meals that are delicious and healthy and fun to make. If you know an employee or coworker that loves to cook and try new foods (and don’t want to get them a Mantry) a meal kit like DooFood is a great idea.


So what gifts to employees like most? What gifts to coworkers like most? You know your people the best but don’t shy away from thinking healthy as everyone is becoming more health conscious these days. But, never underestimate the power of a #1 Boss Mug for a promotion.


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