We head to the Antigua central market to try ceviche de criadillas (bull testicle ceviche), a popular dish in Guatemala, then decided to find out what it's like to climb the (very active) Acatenango volcano... a great day.


Ceviche de criadillas is a type of ceviche prepared in Guatemala with bull's testicles. The recipe usually includes finely chopping the testicles while frozen, then (when thawed) adding a combination of lime juice, onions, tomatoes salt, and chili peppers. Chopping while frozen makes the preparation much easier. Freshness of the offal is paramount. I thought it tasted similar to a raw scallop, definitely worth a taste.

Hiking Acatenango was an overnight trip, with beautiful views at the Volcano's summit and Antigua.

Thank you to the beautiful people of Guatemala for sharing your delicious food and stunning nature.

Episode Intel:

Acatenango Stratovolcano in Guatemala
Elevation: 13,045′

Mercado de Antigua Guatemala
Ceviche de Criadillas H756+99 Antigua Guatemala,
Reggie Ate: The famous Criadilla de Huevo de Toro (Bull Testicles Ceviche)

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