Weekends are for tending the bbq, to grill away the afternoon with a couple of tasty beverages. Here's a roundup of awesome recipes from #MantryNation to get your brain firing on what to cook up next.  Want more ideas? Follow these accounts for more grilling inspiration!

1. Fried Pork Chops - @mcnutt_bbq

"Fried Porkchops: We used @cookiesbbqsauce Flavor Enhancer and @misrubinsseasonings White Magic on these Pork Chops egg washed and breaded with @porkpanko Then seared on @campchef until the hit 145° internal temp and golden brown on the outside... How do you porkchop?"

2. Smoked Carne Asada Burrito - @utetastic

"Cheese Pull?!? Anyone!?! Anyone? Smoked up some Carne Asada on my @traegergrills smashed it together with some scrambled eggs, Oaxaca cheese and jalapeños!⁠"

3. Bacon Wrapped Dove - @wildgamecook

Bacon wrapped Dove with pineapple, with roasted veggies over grits. 🕊🔥 

4. Spicy Shark Wings - @bigtastybbqnh

"Who doesn't love a good batch of chicken wings! For me, the perfect wings have a touch of smoke, a bit of char and crispy skin, and the perfect blend of sweet and heat.

These wings were rubbed using @caribeque Honey Heat, then grilled using some apple wood for that hint of smoke. Before taking them off the grill, I hit them with some @thespicyshark Wing Sauce and let that caramelize a bit.
This Spicy Shark Wing Sauce is the type of great products you get from @mantry. They scour the country to find the finest artisan products to include in their shipments."

5. Smoked Chicken Tenders - @squatch_n_q

"Not as good as my wife does it but I am a fan of these keto fried chicken strips! I smoked them for 25 minutes on my @campchef SmokePro before finishing them off in my air fryer. Shout out to @porkpanko and @mantry!"

6. Bacon Wrapped Jalapeno Poppers - @meatstickbbq

"Jalapeños were cut in half / de-seeded, filled with cream cheese & some “Fajita-ish” from @dizzypigbbq. I next wrapped in bacon, dipped in an egg wash & dredged with @porkpanko brought to me by the @mantry. Grilled within my @pitbarrel until the panko & bacon was crispy. This was so good!!!"

7. Homemade Chicken Tenders With Truffle Hot Sauce @big_greenmachine

"Homemade chicken tenders are so much better than anything you can buy. Used @baconsheir @porkpanko for the crispy outer layer on these.

Thanks to @mantry for always bringing the goods and to @sauce for saucing up these babies 💯🔥💯."

8. Crispy Thai Lime Wing - @can2_bbq

"How many if these Crispy Thai Lime Wing are you smashing???

These Wings were outright insanely good! Chicken Wings from Crowd Cow. I dipped them in some egg wash mixed with Sriracha & then dredged in a combination of Pork Panko & Thai Lime Sriracha Rub by Spiceology. Then I taught them in 'Nade Thai Inspired Sauce & Marinade. Flavor was amazing

Hit with some Duck Fat and then threw them in the Weber Performer over Jealous Devil Charcoal in my Vortex."

9. St. Louis Smoked Ribs with a BLT (Bourbon, Lemon and Tonic) - @smokedmeatblog

"Back at it, time to wind down before I wind up for the week. First order of business St. Louis Smoked Ribs with a BLT (Bourbon, Lemon and Tonic). I found this artisan tonic syrup through @Mantry. Check these guys out, they scour the planet for the most unique foodie items you’ll ever come across then load them up in a bad a$$ box for you. Holidays are coming up, their box makes for an exceptional gift."

10. Surf-n-Turf Burger - @brews_and_ques

"Sunday funday Surf-n-Turf burger was a fun build!!! The pic doesn’t capture all of the goodness, but let me tell you it was delicious AF!!!🤤 One pound burger patty, one pound ribeye @hilmarmeatmarket , thick cut jalapeño bacon @redhillranch , @cocacola onions and shrimp stuffed into the sourdough bun!!💥💥💥Hope everyone enjoyed their weekend!!🙌🏼 Cheers!🍻

@chargrillergrills Akorn
@jealousdevilcharcoal Maxx Briquettes
@meatsohorny Rub your Chub, Peckers, and Pecan Toms Rib Rub
@hlthpunk UFO sauce @mantry
@hoffandpepper BBQ sauce"

11. Smokies + UFO Sauce - @thebbqhead

"Lunch munch! Keto friendly meal today with a special sauce sent from @mantry 👌 @hlthpunk UFO Sauce packs a delicious and unique flavor! Packed with superfoods, it's plant based and organic! Get your hands on some by checking out @hlthpunk and for more unique food products sent straight to your door, check out @mantry 🔥"

12.  Louisiana Hot Lollipops - @izzygrillz

"What was you #best bbq over the weekend? I gotta say these @pappysfinefoods Louisiana Hot lollipops hit the spot!🙌🏻🤤🔥"

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