What should I make for dinner? A question as old as time.  Here's a little inspiration from the #MantryNation community to beat that weeknight (or weekend) slump and get excited to BBQ. 

Seared Ahi Tuna - @grilldaddyjg

"Going to the Islands tonight!!!! @caribeque Island Thyme Seared Ahi Tuna and Shrimp w/ Riced Broccoli and a Seasoned Creama to bring it all together! Ya Mon! Thanks to @mantry, always bringing the heat!!!"

Shrimp Linguine! - @thebbqhead

"🍤 Shrimp Linguine w/ @southernsoulbbq Georgia Crab Boil Low Country Seasoning! This seasoning really gives the pasta a tasty kick! Check out @mantry to get your hands on all kinds of unique food products from around the US!"

Sample Platter - @bluetickbbq

"Sampler Platter. Smoked and Air-fried wings seasoned with @collectedfoods Umami Seasoning and Korean Chili Pepper. Air Fried Green tomatoes, coated in @baconsheir @porkpanko for a carb free healthier snack drizzled in @thrivesauceco Spicy Special Sauce. And finally some loaded potato skins drizzled in a @lechosashotsauce Peach-Habanero Sour cream sauce."

Southern Soul Ribs - @savorysmoker

"Shout out to @mantry for sending out this @southernsoulbbq Sweet Georgia Soul great combo of tangy sweet bbq sauce made right here in St. Simon GA perfect addition to these slow smoked ribs seasoned with @neilsarap dayum done on the @pitbossgrills at 250 degrees no wrap for 4 hrs"

Venison Smashburgers - @bluetickbbq

"Harvested. Most Americans are 3 generations removed from the farm and only 5% of Americans hunt. Which means most people don’t have any grasp on who, where and what their food comes from. As of late, I’ve really started to try and connect myself to my food more and I’ve become significantly healthier since. This meal was almost all harvested by me, venison smashburgers, quick pickled cukes, Swiss chard, roasted Hatch Green chiles all from from my garden. Air Fried Zucchini fries also grown in my garden. Seasoned the burger with @collectedfoods new Coffee Rub, drizzled with @thrivesauceco that I received from @mantry for a nice spicy kick. Coated those zucchini fries in @baconsheir @porkpanko for a healthy crunch."

WBLT! (Waffle BLT) - @aweebitquirkybbq

"Summer has really been flying by and somehow I’ve made it this far without one of my favorite summer meals. With beautiful garden fresh tomatoes, having a BLT is just next level amazing. Sure, grocery store tomatoes work, but with a BLT, that tomato is really the star. And, a big beautiful farm fresh or garden fresh tomato just makes a BLT magical.

So when my wife wanted BLTs I was excited. Then this idea just popped in my head out of nowhere. WBLT! A Waffle BLT. Not just any waffle, this one is a Chipotle Cornbread Waffle. I also received this Spicy Chipotle Sauce by @terrapinridgefarms from @mantry and it seemed to fit right into my little plan. It really added a great flavor and perfect level of spice.

I kept everything else simple, Bacon, Lettuce and Tomato. It was really tasty and worth a shot if you have any garden fresh tomatoes around." 

Chicken & Creamy Bacon Brussels Sprouts - @big_greenmachine

"What an amazing meal - all prepared on the @biggreenegg (except the 🥗😁). Seasoned the chicken breasts with @caribeque Island Thyme seasoning - difficult to use anything else when this tastes so good! Sides included bourbon grilled sweet potato wedges, creamy bacon Brussels sprouts and a fresh garden salad. Such a great meal!"

Hot Honey Pizza - @aweebitquirkybbq

"When @mantry sends you @mikeshothoney, you make....pizza! I made the dough from scratch and used hot honey in the dough itself. Worked like a charm. Classic with Fresh Mozzarella, Basil and tomato sauce. All were cooked on the @pitbarrel with @hansgrill pizza stone."

Grilled Meatloaf - @three_brothers_bbq

"The wife prepared a meatloaf on the @traegergrills for dinner. She seasoned it with The Rocks from @whiskeybentbbqproducts and added bell pepper and onions and since we had no crackers she added some @porkpanko from my @mantry box. I’ve always been a fan of meatloaf, but a Traeger meatloaf just hits different."

Grilled Pork Tenderloins - @outside.grilling

"These pork tenderloins were really good 😋 pulled at 145°F internal temp"

Elk Burger - @igotideas



@uswellnessmeats elk burger
🧀 american cheese
charred onions
🍳 fried egg
garlic pepper

🌡️@thrivesauceco especially special sauce
This burger was... Well, you know! EPIC! I enjoyed it bunless, of course"

Bacon-Wrapped Jalapeño Poppers! - @big_greenmachine

"Amazing caveman style bone-in ribeye steaks with some exceptional @caribeque seasoned bacon-wrapped jalapeño poppers. Always the best combo - all fired to perfection on the @biggreenegg. Steaks were seasoned with SPG and @spiceology Black Gold, while the popper cream cheese stuffing was seasoned with Caribeque’s Island Thyme seasoning. Remember to add some extra aged cheddar to your cream cheese mixture, wrap with bacon and season some more. So good!

Thanks to our friends at @mantry for the Caribeque seasoning. Go check out Mantry for some amazing artisan food subscriptions!"

Keto Fried Green Tomatoes! - @grilldaddyjg

 "Garden Fresh Keto Fried Green Tomatoes w/ @caribeque Island Thyme Lump Crab and Queso! Amazing summer dish and all low carb/backyard raised (except crab)"

Cowboy Style Bone In Pork Chops - @grilldaddyjg


"Do you glaze your pork chops?

I’m slow to change with this whole mystery box monthly club stuff, BUT damn Mantry totally hit the mark for me here! This Sweet Georgia Soul mustard based sauce from Southern Soul BBQ is Dope! It paired most excellently with these Cowboy Style bone in pork chops."

Pulled Pork Heaven - @smokeybrosbbq

"Pulled pork is always a crowd pleaser for a family BBQ! 🐖🔥💨
The “Sweet Georgia Soul” sauce from my @mantry box was exceptionally good!"

Venison Loin Medallions - @wildgamecook

"Simple pan seared loin medallions! From Adam's 1st deer. Seasoned with @caribeque Island Thyme and evoo. So tender. So good!"

Bonus Idea: When in doubt go Cheese / Chacruterie Board

Charcuterie Board - @sophisticatedspreads

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