We know a wine guy named Dave, consider this to be like a mortal lock in gambling but for wine. 

Dave's Wine Pick Of The Weekend

Claus Presinger — Putza Libre

Wine Pick Of The Decade

Claus Presinger — Putza Libre


"Claus Presinger — Putza Libre! is a wine that no one will hate. It’s cleanly made in Austria and wants to be chugged. “Serve Chilled” is recommended on the bottle (in German I think). Incredible value at under $20 USD. Put in a glass or put directly in mouth. 😜" - Dave

*Note* If you're too lazy to read the above paragraph here's a gif explaining what Dave thinks of Claus Presinger — Putza Libre

Animated GIF

Who's Dave? 

Dave is not a sommelier. In fact, there isn't substantial evidence Dave even knows anything about wine at all.  But he makes assertive choices and can ramble off about skin contact just long enough that you're willing to take his word for it. 

That's Dave. 

PS: He has a series of cooking shows aptly called Stay At Home Dave, here's episode one. 

 Maybe see you next weekend....



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