Failure is an option…

“The key is you have to be willing to burn the roast, that is, to attempt to host the party.”

You have to be willing to burn the roast. The funny thing about a dinner party is that 80% of the impact is in the invitation because being invited to a dinner party is endearing. Some of the best dinner parties I’ve ever been to were hosted by people who didn’t even know how to cook. The main course is long forgotten, but I remember who I met, who danced to Al Green on the table and how I felt.

Say you cook a roast, understand that if you nail the roast medium rare or burn the living daylights out of it nobody will really care. You can always order pizza and guaranteed people will smile about the night you went nuclear on that loin of pork twenty years later more than they ever would if it was succulent perfection. Most people hate perfect people anyway.

The key is you have to be willing to burn the roast, that is, to attempt to host the party. Anyone can put dinner on the expense account or go to that new chic Lebanese joint that blogger recommended, but when you decide to host, you’ve already won.

In life, be willing to burn the roast.

Reggie Milligan, Co-Founder


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