Burgers, a grill master's blank canvas to go any direction.  From Hatch Chile to Torta Style to Surf n' Turf, here are fourteen ways to get your burger on from some of America's best home cooks!

Oklahoma Smash Burgers - @blackstone_griddlin

"Oklahoma Smash Burgers on the 22inch Blackstone Adventure Ready!

Got to cook up a bunch of burgers for guys at work. We tailgated outside a high school stadium.

I was able to pump out 16 doubles on this little 22 inch Blackstone.

Here’s a full rundown of the ingredients:
-Potato Buns toasted with Duke’s Mayo
-80/20 Ground Chuck seasoned with Meat Church Holy Cow, Blackstone’s Whiskey Burger Seasoning and French’s Yellow Mustard
-Thinly sliced white onion smashed into the beef
-Colby Jack Cheese
-Ketchup and French’s Yellow Mustard
-Best Maid Pickles

I used The Burger Smasher to get these as flat as I could on this 22. The stand isn’t exactly designed for putting all your weight into a smash!

They were a hit!"

 Korean Burger - @bluetickbbq

"Korean Burgers. Grilled these Tteok-galbi (garlicky-onion soy seasoned beef) patties on my @blackstoneproducts. Topped with Asian salad drizzled with @thrivesauceco I got from @mantry for a spicy punch, and a little @trybachans. Nice change of pace from regular ole burgers."

Surf & Turf Burger@brews_and_ques

"Sunday funday Surf-n-Turf burger was a fun build!!! The pic doesn’t capture all of the goodness, but let me tell you it was delicious AF!!!🤤 One pound burger patty, one pound ribeye @hilmarmeatmarket , thick cut jalapeño bacon @redhillranch , @cocacola onions and shrimp stuffed into the sourdough bun!!💥💥💥Hope everyone enjoyed their weekend!!🙌🏼 Cheers!🍻

@chargrillergrills Akorn
@jealousdevilcharcoal Maxx Briquettes
@meatsohorny Rub your Chub, Peckers, and Pecan Toms Rib Rub
@hlthpunk UFO sauce @mantry
@hoffandpepper BBQ sauce"

Smoked Portabella Mushroom - @meatstickbbq

"Smoked Portabella Mushroom served on a toasted ciabatta.⁣⁣
"The flavors of this sandwich were wild! Topped with lettuce, onion, tomatoes, fire roasted yellow peppers, avacado and UFO sauce brought to me by the @mantry. Everything paired perfectly together, will definitely be doing this again. ⁣"

Gorgonzola Burgers@aweebitquirkybbq

"Burgers on the Blackstone Griddle.

This weekend was pizza night and there were all sorts of prepared pizza toppings, pre-cut and left over. I hate for food to go to waste, so I’ve been using them other ways all week. I seasoned the burgers with @meatchurch Holy Gospel.
I took some of the precut onion, red bell pepper, portobello mushroom and sautéed them. Then added some Gorgonzola. I love Gorgonzola, but I know that its not everyone’s cup of tea.

Fun, delicious and quick weeknight dinner. Can’t beat it."

Torta Burger@outside.grilling

"Thanks @bumbasauce for the Smokey Bumba Pepper Sauce and cutting board!! I used it with some of the Wagyu burgers from @schweidandsons to make my version of a Torta Burger 🍔 fun stuff.."

Beer Cheese & Pretzel Bun Burger - @egginwithdad

"Baseball is back, and what better time for the release of @psseasoning Tail Gater Ballpark Blend seasoning? With a base of beer, pepper, and onion, this seasoning is sure to kick up your tailgating game a few notches!

It's still hard to get out to bar to catch a game these days so I brought the bar home with these pub style burgers with homemade beer cheese sauce served on pretzel buns!

80/20 beef seasoned with Tail Gater and cooked on my minimax @biggreenegg (which is perfect to take tailgating btw)

Cheese Sauce
- butter
- salt and pepper
- chopped onion
- beer
- flour
- chopped garlic clove
- shredded sharp cheddar
- shredded swiss

In a saucepan, melt butter and add onion: stir 2-3 min. Add in flour and garlic to make a roux. Then add beer and cook/stir a few min. Remove from heat and season with S&P and whisk in the cheese until melted.

Build those burgers and pour on that beer cheese!"

Chuck & Brisket Blend Burger - @thebbqhead

"Picked up some @wahlburgersathome from our local @gianteagle and cooked them up on the @traegergrills Ironwood 885! These were a blend of chuck and brisket. Absolutely delicious! Layed on a little A1 Sauce then seasoned both sides with Traeger Blackened Saskatchewan Rub. Set Ironwood grill for 375°f using Traeger's @meatchurch blend pellets. Cooked for about 16 min flipping only once. Temp probed at 140°f for medium (some pink)"

Cream Cheese Stuffed Buffalo Burger - @yettibbq

"Cream Cheese Stuffed Buffalo Burger ⠀
(with a side of Buffalo Cauliflower Bites)⠀
This months @holysmokersrubco ambassador challenge was stuffed burgers with a side. Every element is graced with the amazing flavors of Holy Smokers rub. ⠀
I started by making cream cheese buffalo dip. A simple mixture of cream cheese, shredded cheddar, green onions, ranch, @franksredhot Buffalo sauce, and Holy Smokers “All Purpose”. Once mixed, I piped the dip on a silicone mat and froze them.⠀
Once the patties were stuffed, they were seasoned with Holy Smokers “Ultimate Steak” and grilled on my @webergrills Jumbo Joe for about 20 minutes. ⠀
I covered the patty in Franks Red Hot Buffalo sauce, a little bit of lettuce, some crisp onion straws, and blue cheese crumbles.⠀
The Buffalo Cauliflower Bites were quick and easy. Cut the cauliflower in bite size pieces, season with a splash of olive oil and Holy Smokers “All Purpose”. Set air fryer to 350 for 15-20 mins until done to your taste."


Cheeseburger Perfection - @badic

"Boys and Girls... This is an amazing combination! @haltemanfamilymeats meat and cheese, @meatchurch #holyvoodoo@reloadrub #fullyloaded and @madmoosebbq #sauce. Boomshockalocka! Try it folks! 🔥"

Smoked Gouda Burger - @smokeybrosbbq

"Smoked gouda, sautéed onions,
dill pickles on a wagyu patty🍔 Starting the weekend right.
Wagyu beef from @secondcityprime"


In-N-Out Style Burgers - @castironskillz

"Some In-N-Out style burgers done on the @traegergrills Grilled them at 325 for 20 minutes then cranked it to 425 for a quick mustard glaze on the sear grate🔥 Did the traditional sauce but added @meatchurch #holyvoodoo per usual..."

Hatch Chile Burger@chilesandsmoke

"Hatch chile season is among us! Thank you for the in-store reminders @melissasproduce, now I can rock these Hatch chile smash burgers once again."

Elk & Kielbasa Burger@thegrilldads

"Half Pound Elk Burger with Grilled Kielbasa. The burger is seasoned with our @spiceology collab Red Tuxedo. Topped with colby jack and some dijon mayo."

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