Yuzu is one of the major food trends for 2022 as the Japanese citrus has started showing up in everything from hot sauce to hard seltzer.  Here's a rundown of 8 ways you too can Yuzu.

Pink Peppercorn Honey Yuzu Vinaigrette // Acid League

There's a myriad of mediocre salad dressings in the lonely aisles of most grocery stores.  They say "vinaigrette" on the label, but most have the viscosity of rhino snot and don't taste much better.  Acid League is in a league of their own, incorporating yuzu to give big bang to your salad such that people will be beating down your door for your "homemade" recipe. Of course, they'll never know it came from a bottle.

From The Maker:

"Add life to your salad. Yuzu’s uniquely aromatic acidic kick stands out on its own, but matching it with pink peppercorn’s fruity and floral spice lifts greens to a new level of luxury. Fresh flavor. Premium ingredients. Dressing that’s actually better than homemade."



Matcha Yuzu // Rowdy Mermaid

We honestly have no idea what Adaptonic™ means or is but we know when something tastes as refreshing as ice cold lemonade after a Joshua Tree vison quest and this is it. Rowdy Mermaid makes awesome Kombucha, so no surprise they paired yuzu with its Japanese counterpart matcha to make this can of joy.

From The Maker:

"Sometimes we close our eyes and try to dream up recipes so refreshingly rowdy that they just might work. This Matcha Yuzu Adaptonic™ is one such unicorn, and it’s basically self-defense in a can. First: temptingly tasteless immunity support from reishi mushrooms. Next: potent matcha packed with concentrated antioxidants. And finally: yuzu, the mouthwatering citrus that blurs the line between grapefruit, lime and miracles."


Yuzu Rice Vinegar // O Olive Oil

Yuzu zest has a particularly pungent citrus scent that tastes like a hundred lemons is crammed into a pinch of the stuff.  This Yuzu RIce Vinegar has managed to capture this essence in a product that can be used to brighten up any dish from stir-fry to ceviche to oysters.

From The Maker:

"The tart citrus flavor of yuzu with notes of Meyer lemon, lime, tangerine and pine. Crushed ripe to steep in California rice vinegar. Patiently crafted for fresh taste. Japanese warriors drank vinegar for strength and long life. We like it on salad!"

Pear Yuzu Hard Seltzer // Boulevard Brewing

A lot of hard seltzers taste like distilled battery acid but Quirk Brewing has managed to make this fizzy beverage that 1) sounds fancy 2) gives you a buzz and 3) cleanses your palate. The triple threat of alcohol.

From The Maker:

"Quirk Pear Yuzu slyly seduces with the smooth, fresh flavors of real pear juice, unexpectedly but perfectly paired with savory, citrusy yuzu."

Yuzu Olive Oil // OMED

Fat is a vessel for aromatic flavor and OMED has infused this tasty oil with Yuzu such that you can drizzle it over anything from pasta to grilled meats for quick yuzu-ification.

From The Maker:

"Infused with yuzu rind, this finishing oil has a complex floral fragrance and gentle citrus finish."


Yuzu 7 Shichimi Togarashi // Daybreak Seaweed Co.

Daybreak turns seaweed into gourmet delights and also just slangs really good kombu.  This Togarashi can make plain old chicken skewers taste and sound like "Shichimi Togarashi Yakitori" leading your guests to believe you've transported them down a neon alley in Osaka.

From The Maker:

"We teamed up with the renowned chefs of Soba Ichi in Oakland for a California take on the classic Japanese shichimi togarashi. Also known as 7-spice seasoning, this very spicy and addicting blend highlights the rich flavors of red chiles, roasted sesame, citrusy yuzu, and umami-packed West Coast seaweed.

How to use: Great sprinkled on soba, ramen, stir-fry, steamed vegetables, popcorn ... all your favorite dishes!"

Yuzu Dark Chocolate // Keller Manni Chocolate

Sublime dark chocolate often needs no hindrance from other flavors but the subtle hit of yuzu and citrus makes this bar pop. 

From The Maker:

K+M Extravirgin Dark Citrus combines our popular single-estate dark chocolate made with beans sourced from Hacienda Victoria in Ecuador with a deftly balanced blend of lemon, orange and yuzu. These distinct flavors complement the rich dark chocolate while adding delicious complexity and brightness.

Edo Spice // Curio Spice Co.

Noodles, grilled veggies, hummus, mixed into EVOO for a quick dressing, nothing is without reason with this versatile citrusy flavor powder.

From The Maker:

Our Edo Spice signature blend combines chilies, citrus and rare and invigorating sansho pepper from Japan. Edo (rhymes with 'meadow') refers to the historic name of Tokyo, as well as the 'Edo period' between 1615 and 1860, when there was great economic growth in Japan. This blend, with its bright, hot flavors and nutty, umami notes is inspired by the traditional Japanese 7 spice (shichimi togarashi) which is believed to have first been assembled in kitchens during the Edo period. Enjoy this whimsical, dimensional blend simply on top of noodles, rice or veggies, or try making a smashed edamame dip with a bit of garlic and sesame oil to serve as a tasty appetizer with crackers.

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