When it comes to the best grilling subscription boxes or best monthly bbq boxes (or whatever you want to call them), you can decide whether you want 1) a bbq meat subscription box 2) just grilling products box or 3) both.  Mantry (The Modern Man's Pantry) has seen a lot of Monthly Barbecue Gift Boxes and subscriptions come and go over the last ten years but here are a handful that have stood the test of time that we recommend.

Grill Masters Club

Grill masters club is a BBQ sauce and spice subscription that delivers monthly BBQ boxes around a specific theme. Expect well-curated boxes with items like Big Bob’s Gibson’s Alabama White BBQ sauce which put Alabama on the BBQ map back in the day. If you need a gift for a man that loves to barbecue, this is a no-brainer. There are no meats in this monthly barbecue box, just products to use when grilling but there are people who specialize in mail-order meat anyway


With BBQ Box you or your BBQ Box gift recipient is going to get some jerky or BBQ snack sticks along with the usual suspects of curated BBQ rubs and sauces. The plans for BBQ Box are flexible and easy to cancel. There are custom recipes in every BBQ Box so everyone will know how to use the monthly barbecue items. 


Mantry is a wider focus of subscription box for men (although plenty of women and families subscribe too). If you want BBQ only, go with the top two. We don’t do just grilling boxes but do offer BBQ and Grilling themed crates for the spring and summer months. You may get some cocktail mixers and charcuterie and small-batch bourbon maple syrup in the winter or fall along with plenty of award-winning grilling sauces and spices in your monthly warmer month shipment.  

Are you looking for meat in a bbq or grilling subscription box? 

We would suggest Pig-Of-The-Month Club who offer a hybrid meat and products BBQ subscription. As a bbq meat subscription box, it can include everything from bacon to pulled pork to bbq sauce in a subscription box. If you just want meat, we suggest signing up or gifting Butcher Box and then sending along one of these BBQ Sauces for your own customized BBQ subscription. 


Anything that involves grilling or bbq or meat or rubs or barbecue sauces in a box will be a great gift for grill lovers or just that guy you have no idea what to gift. You can't really fail with anything on this list. Thank you for reading and happy grilling!


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