A cornerstone product of a well-stocked pantry (or mantry), tinned seafood is the perfect meal in the pinch.  Whether you're whipping up a tuna sandwich or popping a can around the campfire, here are six of the best makers for delectable seafood in seconds.

Scout Seafood

From Organic PEI Mussels to Rainbow Trout Scout will have you opening a can of wonderful seafood.  Perfect for a quick snack or an effortless appetizer, Scout's mission is to "be the most trusted seafood brand in North America while reducing food waste and protecting our oceans and waterways."  Scout can also help with your mission to eat something tasty right now.

Smoked King Salmon // Wildfish Cannery // Klawock, AK

"There’s canned fish and then there is this stuff. We were first introduced to Wildfish Cannery by a neighbour of ours in our New York office. I have never tasted such a pristine representation of the ocean in a can, it’s like you pop the top and you’re transported to a blustery, windblown fjord in Alaska. I was classically trained in French kitchens, so I love it in a dead simple omelette with chives, just like breakfast in Paris, or Anchorage of course.” -Reggie Milligan, Co-Founder, Mantry

A Couple More Quick Facts:

Where the hell is Klawock? Geography lesson! 

The owners are massive bros….

Pictured: Massive Bros Mathew Scaletta & Greg Scaletta


Smoked Salmon Omelette With Black Garlic Salt

More Ways To Use:

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  2. WTF? Cooking With Smoked Salmon Juice (Oh Yes)

Bar Harbor Clam Chowder // Bar Harbor, ME

Obviously we’re not going to cover New England without a Chowd reference, but this one isn’t corny. This is certainly not the famous corn chowder of nearby New Hampshire, but it’s the best damn canned chowder we could find. For the locals, who spend more time breaking down chowder than Belichick spends on game film, a bowl of Bar Harbor has been the Maine attraction for over 85+ years.

Ekone Smoked Oysters // Willapa Bay, WA

Smoked Oyster Aficionados will know this name, makers of some of the tastiest canned bivalves anywhere.  Toss them on a saltine cracker, stir them into soups or eat them straight out of the can with a drop of hot sauce when you need a flavor hit.

Wild Pacific Albacore // Island Trollers // Whidbey Island, WA

For generations man has relied on canned tuna to merely hold him over. Captain Larry Mason moves the pantry staple from last resort to lead role. Sustainably caught by American fishermen off the coast of Washington State, Larry and his crew have had a top-notch commitment to quality for 37+ years. The result? An impeccable can of sashimi grade albacore, gently marinated with fresh Jalapeno, that becomes the basis for a the Tuna Sandwich that will change your idea of well…the tuna sandwich (Recipe: Mantry.com)

Bonus! (Not Canned But Awesome)

Lemon Pepper Wild Sockeye // Patagonia Provisions

Harvested from responsibly managed fisheries in the icy waters of the North Pacific, Patagonia Provisions delivers that lemon pepper taste mom makes. A little light smoke takes pristine Sockeye fillets to delectable levels.  Not a can but the easily transportable pouch is no slouch either.

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