Is it Barbecue Rubs or BBQ rubs? While either way, these seasonings will upgrade your home bar-b-que cooking. We’ve reviewed and rounded up some of the best unique BBQ seasonings for 2022 that with a bit of fire and time can help you be a better home cook.

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Fly By Jing

This Sichuan rub is a complete flavor loophole when rubbed on pork butt or pork tenderloin. Obviously, it has many uses for incredible Chinese dishes but don’t sleep on it for BBQ season. It’s a little bit numbing and there’s a sneaky mix of mushroom and seaweed powder to deliver the umami oomph that creates better-tasting grilled anything.

Spice Tribe

Smoke, a good bbq rub and a bit of time can work wonders especially if your rub is pulling global bbq influence like the master blenders at Spice Tribe. From Marrakech to Haiti, rub down meat and fish in one of their seasonings and you can go on a mini BBQ world tour in your backyard. They especially make great bbq rubs for chicken and bbq rubs for ribs.

Sam Jones BBQ

Looking for a bbq rub for pulled pork? Sam Jones wrote one of the best books on barbecue we have read so it’s no surprise his family recipe rub is one of the best all-purpose bbq rubs in America. Hailing from Eastern North Carolina, where vinegar sauce is king, you don’t have to stop at pork, try it on BBQ shrimp and even grilled cauliflower or eggplant.

Carolina Dirt BBQ Rub

Another great AP bbq rub that you can use on anything. Chicago’s Lillie’s Q also makes darn good sauces to pit with your BBQ. They also have great a bbq rubs gift set.

Jacobsen Salt

A good BBQ spice rub can sometimes be as simple as salt. Jacobsen out of Oregon harvests their own sea salt and spikes it with a wide variety of flavors from Furikake to Chil. Toss BBQ cauliflower steak or asparagus in it, or bbq salmon or even stronger meats like salt-rubbed barbecued venison.


Thinking outside the box of bbq leads to big flavor. Just be curious and try new rubs all the time. We don’t think anything can taste bad if you rub it down in seasoning and put it on the grill. BBQ seasonings that have many uses are the way to go. All of these will work on BBQ fish, BBQ meat, BBQ vegetables and anything else you can dream up. As always, cook to learn and keep learning to cook.


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