Brittle, the sweet candy confection has come a long way from the stuff Grandpa used to gnaw on.  A new wave of talented small-batch makers are bringing tasty twists for peanut brittle fans everywhere.  Here are six of the best brittle bosses in the USA.

Chocolate Covered Peanut Brittle // Tennessee Peanut Company 

Makers of dang good Nashville Hot & Sweet Peanuts TPC knocks out a top notch brittle. 

From The Maker:

"Candy that needed more candy

Peanut brittle is documented as being a rigid solid that snaps in the mouth and then attaches to the teeth. An odd yet effective solution to minimize the “brittle to molar attachment phenomenon” is to add a coating of milk chocolate. The soft creamy layer of milk chocolate curbs the shattering of caramelized sugar inside of the mouth and then lines the teeth to reduce the action of peanut brittle adhesion. Although a minimal amount of adhesion still occurs the scientific community has conceded that the result is absolutely delicious.

Excessive yet practical."

Bourbon Nib Brittle // Olive & Sinclair

The other music city miracle is this bourbon spiked brittle.

From The Maker:

"Our Bourbon Nib Brittle is made by aging our cacao beans, "nibs"  in select small batch bourbon barrels from our friends at Corsair Distillery. Taste the nuance of some of the south's finest bourbons combined with caramelized, buttery brittle, for a unique southern twist on a classic confection. It is a surefire hit for any bourbon lover and sure to convert any Bourbon non-believer! A bite without the burn!"

Bacon Brittle // Brittle Brothers

Bacon + anything usually works but it REALLY works for brittle. 

From The Maker:

"CALLING ALL BACON LOVERS!!! ...You just stumbled upon the PERFECT marriage of Hickory Smoked chunks of Hormel Bacon and the most delicious Gourmet Peanut Brittle on Earth - Brittle Brothers'!!! Think smoky, savory and sweet all rolled into one big delicious, mouth-watering treat! Bacon Peanut Brittle is simply amazing! Why someone hadn't come up with this tantalizing combo before is unknown, but it doesn't really matter, because it's here now! Just one bite and you will have found your new "go-to" Snack!"

Serrano Peanut Brittle // Sweet Dragon Baking Co.

Sweet Dragon brings a little sweet heat to the brittle game.

From The Maker:

"Serrano chiles contribute both heat and sweet, fresh pepper flavor here. Good with beer, good with ice cream. Because we use fresh peppers, the spiciness varies from batch to batch."

Zingerman's Peanut Brittle // Zingerman's

Ann Arbor's own makes a lot of good things but Zingerman's brittle is an old-school, technically sound masterpiece.

From The Maker:

"Banish all thoughts of sticky dense tooth-cracking brittle from your mind! Ours is cooked in small batches to a deep butterscotch flavor with butter and sea salt by expert candy cooks, then pulled by hand at just the right moment into a light and airy, crispy and crunchy packed-with-peanuts delight! We love it by itself, and also with cheese! The 8 oz bag is resealable which is nice!"

Black Sesame Seed Toffee Brittle // Dandelion Chocolate

Sesame seeds, chocolate, nutty, aromatic, we could go on but we already ate the bag...

From The Maker:

"Made with Dandelion chocolate, this dark, buttery and nutty toffee is an all-time staff favorite. We met Christine Doerr, founder of NeoCocoa, through La Cocina, a local non-profit incubator that helps women and people of color start and grow their food businesses. In 2017, we included Christine’s Black Sesame Toffee Brittle in our Advent calendar, and it was so delicious we bought extra to enjoy ourselves during the busy holiday season.

When the holidays were over, we knew we had to add NeoCocoa to our permanent collection of collaborators. The combination of black sesame, 70% Camino Verde chocolate from Ecuador, brown sugar, buttery toffee, and a pinch of sea salt makes this one of our go-to favorites. We’re thrilled to have NeoCocoa on our shelves so we can enjoy it year-round.

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