Everybody makes pasta mistakes, it’s ok.

Garlic & Mushroom Pappardelle Recipe Here

1. Using Cold Sauce

Nothing will suck the heat out of your dinner faster than adding cold sauce out of the fridge to limp noodles in the bottom of the pot. As the water boils, gently heat the sauce, adding hot to hot will ensure your dinner is warm until the last bite.


2. DO Add The Pasta To The Sauce (Not Vice Versa)

Pasta is one of the only dishes where people tend to blindly add the main event to the sauce. Could you imagine squirting out a huge mound of HP Sauce and dropping a whole steak in it? Sauce to pasta ratio is important, by adding the pasta to the sauce you’ll find the right balance.

Photo: Art De Fete

3. Letting The Pasta Water Go Down The Drain

Reserve a couple tablespoons of pasta water and add it to the sauce, it’s full of starch and will help the sauce coat the noodles and give it a nice shine.

4. Finish Pasta In A Pan

Pasta boiled and sauce warm? This is where good pasta becomes great. Add the pasta to the sauce, a couple spoons of pasta water, some herbs and a grate of cheese and toss over heat to bring it all together. This final step takes 1 minute and will take you from basic to Batali.

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