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They may get all misty eyed over a Bojangle’s Biscuit..


If you ever want to see someone from the South light up like a Christmas tree, ask what food they miss from home. They may get all misty eyed over a Bojangle’s Biscuit or a late night run to Waffle House, or talk your ear off about a pot of bubbling collard greens or a Po’boy, but guaranteed they’ll give you a good answer. Now, with Mantry I’ve had the chance to travel to some top-notch southern food cities like Nashville, Charleston and Savannah and also some very rural destinations like Turner Hams in Fulks Run, VA or the Catfish Kitchen in Burns, TN. There is one inalienable truth, you spend enough time down there eating the dishes and learning about the people who make them and you understand why people always have a passionate answer to the question.

Reggie Milligan, Co-Founder

December 2016 Curator’s Letter | “South In Yo’ Mouth” Mantry

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