A Comprehensive List Of Band Food Puns

Because SherBert Bacharach is delicious and talented.

Phish Tacos

No Trout

Iron & Pineapple

Bean Day

Fine Young Cantaloupe

The Peach boys

Buns n Roses

Carlos Sultana


Sherbert Bacharach

Wings of leon

Mambo Sauce №5

Raft Punk

Buffalo Wingfield

Bread Sheeran

Flan Halen

Miley Citrus

Velveeta Underground

Lil’ Kimchi

David Lee Broth

Blurred Limes

Simple Plantains

John Mayo

Return Of The Hak

The Piri Piri Chili Peppers

Ice Cube Tray

Eddie Honey


Fries against

Broccoli Raab Thomas

Lady Gaga-Ganush

Oreo Speedwagon


BBQ King

Ice Tea

Paul Macaroni

Arcade WoodFire

Soul Dusty



Lenny Okravitz

Van Kalen

Young Cheezy

Ed Beerinhand

Mötley Crüdités

The King of Popcorn

Fleetwood Mac And Cheese

Garth Cooks

Food Fighters

Eddie Honey

Bill Chimichurri

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