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1. Don’t Tell Them To Bring Anything

Tell the guys to bring absolutely nothing. Now you look like a great person but more importantly you control the food, the booze and Steve won’t bring that weird 150 IBU Apricot IPA he forces on everyone.

2. Set an odd time for arrival, like 7:10 pm.

6:00? 7:30? Guys won’t take this time seriously, throw a :40 in there or a :20, they will think there’s a reason and will be much more likely to show up on time.

3. Phone Punchbowl

Just have the lads drop their phones in a bowl when they walk in the door. Incredible things happen in conversation when nobody has a phone to glance at for an hour or two. Anybody who wants to look at their phone does the dishes, simple and effective.

4. Whenever Possible, Host Outside

Even if you’re grilling up in a park. In general, it’s cleaner, less hassle and better. Scope our list of 5 Tips For Stress-Free Dinner Party Ambience.

5. Always Toast

Toasting brings people together, it kicks off the evening and is the equivalent of pouring gasoline on the fires of conversation. The best toast I’ve ever heard comes from my friend Mike “There’s tall ships and small ships, but the best ships are friendships”, it’s cheezy as hell but watch the table light up after clinking glasses.

6. Serve Red Meat

Burgers, steaks, skewers… Don’t overthink it.

“T BONE Spice” Grilled Steak Recipe Here

7. Two Words: Burger Bar

The only thing better than a well-stocked bar is a well-stocked burger bar. Caramelized Onions, this Bacon Jam or this Bacon Jam, crumbled blue cheese, crispy fried shallots, some really good pickles are all solid options. A couple bun options is a nice touch too, we love Martin’s Potato Rolls or whatever the bakery down the street from you has.

Bacon Jam Burger Recipe Here

8. Or….Consider A Boil

Steaming shellfish dumped onto newspaper with chilled beer is pretty much an entertaining walk off shot. Clam bakes, crawfish boils, oyster roasts and lobster steams are no frills, fun and easy.

9. Buy A Nice Bottle Of Bourbon And Put It In The Center Of The Table Directly After The Meal.

This is where best man speeches are rehearsed, biggest fears are revealed and friendships are forged.

Need a bottle? 7 Bourbons You Need To Try

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