Yes, you can improve bacon, here’s how.

1. Start Cold

Starting bacon in a cold skillet will help render the fat. The outcome will be crispier with no threat of burning.

Photo: The Kitchn

2. Expand Your Bacon Horizons

Pancetta, Slab Bacon, Pea Meal, your cured meat options go far beyond plain ol’ bacon.

Photo: Food Network

3. Cast Iron is King

Even heat distribution = Better bacon results.

4. Bake Bacon For A Crowd

Lay bacon strips on an aluminum foil wrapped sheet pan and bake at 375 degrees. Voila, less cleanup and more stovetop room for pancakes.

5. Glaze It

Maple, Birch, Sorghum or Hickory syrups are perfect for glazing bacon. You can add syrup directly to the pan at the end of cooking after you drain the fat or brush bacon with syrup when baking in the oven.

6. Keep The Fat

Use the fat for everything from roasting sweet potatoes and brussel sprouts to greasing your next grilled cheese sandwich. Just think of it as really flavourful butter.

Photo: The Kitchn

7. Here Are 5 Small-Batch Bacons We Love

1. Broadbent’s Bacon // Kuttawa, KY

2. Ham I Am Ozark Trails Pepper Bacon // Dallas, TX

3. Father’s Country Ham Bacon // Bremen, KY

4. Benton’s Bacon // Madisonville, TN

5. Edward’s Country Bacon // Surry, VA

Bonus! Try Bacon S’mores

Photo: Diane, A Broad


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