In a boring morning rut? Shake things up with everything from coffee milk to bourbon barrel aged syrup.

1. Dave’s Coffee Syrup // Charlestown, Rhode Island

Rhode Island may not know what an island is, but the locals sure know Coffee Milk. So much so that on July 29, 1993 the bevvy narrowly beat out Del’s Lemonade (who let’s face it, looked soft that night) as the Official State Drink. Puritans mix 8 ounces of cold milk with 3 tablespoons of Syrup and for 70 years locals siphoned back the regular grade fuel known as Autocrat. Enter Dave who decided to offer a high octane, handmade equivalent to Autocrat derived from small batch roasted beans with no artificial sweeteners and most importantly, no fake colors (something that can’t be said about the Jersey locals to the south).

2. Juniper Ridge // Douglas Fir Spring Tip Tea // Sierra Nevada, California

Typically, if you discover a bearded guy distilling in a van in the woods, you’re probably going to go blind if you sip whatever he’s drinking, the exception is Juniper Ridge. Next to crafting award winning wild fragrances year round, Juniper also harvests Douglas Fir Tips once a year, every Spring. When steeped for ten minutes, the precise timing results in a drink with a subtle citrusy, forest aroma that was historically the primary source of vitamin C for local Native Americans.

3. Mikuni Wild Harvest // Bourbon Barrel Matured Maple Syrup // Quebec, CAN

For many a self respecting woodsman, packing whiskey and maple syrup was as essential as a bushy beard and body odor. Maker Tyler Gray brings these two burly staples together to create barrel aged greatness. He begins with procuring the highest quality Maple syrup from heritage sugar shacks in the ancient maple orchards of Quebec. The syrup is then matured in charred American oak barrels from Tuthilltown Distillery (New York’s first whiskey distillery since the age of Prohibition) and finished off with a nip of fine Tuthilltown bourbon.

4. Buttermilk Pancakes // Dancing Deer Co. // Boston, MA

Trust us, nothing will silence your extended family during the holidays like a stack of syrup soaked flapjacks. Helping you recreate the serenity of nature around the breakfast table, Dancing Deer’s old fashioned buttermilk recipe reminds us the only thing light and fluffy about early pioneers were their pancakes

5. TruBee Honey // Tennessee Snow Honey // Arlington, TN

Beekeepers Jeff Otto and Laura Kimball opt to jar raw honey (unprocessed), aka more of the vitamins, minerals, and enzymes are preserved making it a bona-fide superfood.

One too many shots of Jameson? Skip the McMuffin for a dab of Honey on toast says the Royal Society of Chemistry, the natural fructose in honey helps the body rapidly metabolize alcohol and sets you on express lane to recovery.

Slow Brew Masala Chai

6. Tipu’s Chai // Missoula, Montana

You mention Montana and most people think Marlboro man-esque characters on sweeping cattle ranges and A River Runs Through It. Well, Bipin Patel has been on a one man mission trying to make big sky country big chai country ever since he set up shop in ’97 and started churning out authentic indian goodness in Missoula. Take a cue from a nation that knows a thing or two about quenching thirst and get swept away to Montana or Mumbai, wherever you prefer.

Granola Lab

7. Granola // Granola Lab // Brooklyn, NY

Granola is no stranger to the usual suspects of birkenstocks, brown sugar, maple syrup and dried fruit. But Granola Lab stirs things up with their creative mixes. We recommend topping off a dollop of greek yoghurt with granola, pistachios, fresh grapefruit and a drizzle of honey, wash it all down with an iced Tipu’s Chai to spice up any rise and shine ritual.

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