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Above Photo: Dennis The Prescott

1. Always Fresh Ground Beef

Any decent butcher shop will have a great house burger blend or you can grind your own at home with a simple hand crank meat grinder . We love using fresh ground chuck because it has a nice balance of fat and flavor. If you’re feeling creative, you can add short rib, brisket or the Sean Brock tip (below).

Photo: @huskrestaurant

2. Sean Brock’s Bacon Tip

“When grinding your own beef for burgers, grind in some bacon.”
-Sean Brock, Husk, Charleston, SC

3. 20% Fat Rule

If you’re grinding burgers yourself or having the butcher do it, a simple rule of thumb is to have a ratio of 80% lean to 20% fat.

Bacon Jam Burger Recipe Here

Bacon Jam Burger | Comfort Food Mantry


1 lb. fresh ground chuck
The Bacon Jams Bacon Spread 
cheddar cheese
salt + pepper
fixins’ (sliced pickle, lettuce, thin sliced onion etc.)


  1. Season ground chuck with salt and pepper, form patties.
  2. Heat vegetable oil in a cast iron skillet (let it get hot), brown patties on both sides, add cheese, cook to preference.
  3. Toast the bun and smear with Bacon Spread
  4. Layer patty and fixins’ on bun, pour a beer, enjoy.

Pro Tip: Remove ground beef from the fridge an hour early for more even cooking.

4. Indent The Top

Here’s an awesome tip from Iron Chef Bobby Flay:

“Using your thumb, make a deep depression in the center of each patty to keep the burger from puffing up and bulging in the center. Otherwise, “It plumps up like a football and people smash it down. That’s the last thing you want to do,” Flay says. This technique “fakes out the burger,” he says, and the patty ends up taking the exact shape you want.”

-Bobby Flay, Iron Chef

Photo: Food Hacks Daily

5. Have A Heavy Hand With The Salt +Pepper

The key to bringing out the full flavor of the meat and developing a satisfying crust on the burger is to season liberally with Kosher Salt (We like Diamond Crystal Kosher Salt) and fresh cracked pepper. Season right before the grill and make sure to focus on each patty and cover the entire surface, no just a sprinkle across the batch from above.


6. Grape Seed + Cast Iron

A zipping hot cast iron can get the perfect crust for your burger, a little grape seed or canola has a high smoke point so you can get the pan nice and hot. The grill is great for a smoke flavor but if you’re looking for a crust, go cast iron.

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