The key to a great Thanksgiving is avoiding complete disaster. Here are a couple tips how…

1. Start Early

Two cider sipping afternoons is much more enjoyable than one frantic day of hustle. We like the three day structure…shop, prep, cook.

2. Defend Oven Space

Prepping sides early and on the stove will save you that cherished oven space you’ll need for roasting the bird.

3. Go To The Butcher Early

If you give your butcher a couple weeks notice you can order a fresh turkey which tastes far better than a frozen bird and you avoid the hassle of thawing.

4. The Secret To Crispy Skin

Leave your turkey unwrapped in the fridge overnight for crispier skin.

Photo: Epicurious

5. Respect The Meat Thermometer

In the word’s of IRON CHEF Michael Symon

“Don’t be too cool for a meat thermometer.”

6. Don’t Stuff The Stuffing

Listen, stuffing is way more reliable, easier to prep (and shhh…more delicious) when cooked outside the bird.

3 Solid Stuffing Recipes:

1. Classic Stuffing // Saveur Magazine

    2. Classic Sage and Sausage Stuffing (or Dressing) Recipe // Serious Eats

    3. “Simple Is Best” Stuffing // Epicurious

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