1. Peel Garlic In Seconds

Save time peeling garlic by lightly crushing the clove with the side of a knife under the heel of your hand then unwrap the clove like a Werther’s Original.

Photo: @cookthink

2. Double The Recipe

So obvious and rarely done, leftovers will save you money, time and worry about what’s for dinner. Think 2x by default, you can always scale back from there.

3. ABC (Always Be Cleaning)

Cleaners get coffee. Clean as you go, it will drastically limit the burden of having a “pile” of dishes when you’re done. A good rule is to spend 2 minutes to tidy every 20 minutes.

4. “Mise En Place” Is Your Friend

The biggest difference between Michelin star restaurants and home cooking comes down to one thing, organization. The French call it “Mise en Place”, meaning ‘everything in its place” or in layman’s terms getting your shit together.

PS: It’s Actually faster

It takes less time to do all dicing, chopping organizing and then cook as it does to multitask during cooking. There is an illusion prepping as you go is faster, it’s not and the food will turn out worse.

5. Flavor Is Math

Why does fennel go with orange or beets with goat cheese? You can try to understand the backstory or like electricity, just trust it and reap the benefits. This book won the 2009 James Beard Book Award for Best Book (like the Oscars for cookbooks) and has hundreds of proven flavor combinations. Put it next to your bed or hell, in your bathroom and absorb as much as you can.

6. Consider The Apron

Ever put on a freshly, pressed white dress shirt and suddenly feel like you could close a half a million dollar deal? Your garb affects your mindset. Ditch the “kiss the cook” apron and try something from Utility Canvas, Cayson Designs or Stanley & Sons, you’ll feel great, look sweet and stay clean. We agree, it’s a little unnecessary but 30% of cooking is getting in the mood.

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