6 DIY Food Halloween Costumes, Ranked

It’s that time of the year again…

1. GMO Tomato — 8.3/10

Heirloom or bust…

High marks for ingenuity and weaving a political statement into dress up day but a slight tear at the back of the costumes leads to deductions.

Photo: Chef’s Blade

2. Easy Mac — 9.1/10

Too cheesy?

That’s the grin you give when you crush halloween. Huge points for the DIY fork with mac accessory.

3. Captain Kale — 6.7/10

Superfoods to the rescue…

Topical, well executed, extra 0.5 points for caressing the Kale like it’s a newborn child.

Photo: The Kitchn

4. Asparagus 9.8/10

I have a flat tire. I should have bought …

Wow, it’s hard to picture a better Asparagus costume. But, we have to leave 0.2 for the dreamers…

5. Chipotle Burrito — 7/10

Strong DIY execution on the lettuce and foil…

6. Pumpkin — 2.1/10

Very hard to un-see, 2 points for finding tubular squash for the arms and 0.1 for the helmut but mobility is very low on this one.

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